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If your home does not have a chimney (or flue) or utility fuel supply (gas) it might seem like your fireplace options are limited. Having a fireplace in a living room eliminates the need to have your full heating system on in spring and autumn, or when temperatures cool on an evening. There are a number of solution. Modern bio  ethanol fireplace and gel fire are a great way to add a secondary heat source to a room. Bio ethanol fireplace designs are 100% energy efficient using clean burning bio ethanol fuel bottles plus there is no need for a chimney or flue system as there is no smoke produced.

Buying a flueless bio ethanol fireplace eliminates the need to use a chimney making the installation costs considerably cheaper than a comparable gas, wood or coal burning fireplace. There are many different bio ethanol fireplace design styles to review and consider. We have create an ethanol fire style image grid below to make it easy to to choose the style of fireplace or installation you require.

Types of Bio Ethanol Fireplace and Gel Fire

We have collected together all of the different types of bioethanol fireplace and listed these below. They styles are based on how the bioethanol fireplace will be used, how it is installed or on a specific design style. Also check out some of the most popular bioethanol fireplaces from our order history. You can see the full list of the different types of bio ethanol fireplace designs by using the top menu.

Bioethanol Fire Pit – Outdoor Garden Bio Fuel Patio Heating Solution

Using a Bioethanol Fire Pit requires little installation work or maintenance. Most bioethanol fire pit designs are self contained units with a table of some ...
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Buy Bioethanol Fuel for Ethanol Fireplaces

Buy Bioethanol Fuel Bottles for Ethanol Fireplace Designs

Once you have purchased your bioethanol fuel burner or fireplace you will need to buy some bioethanol fuel bottles to be able to use it ...
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Traditional Bio Ethanol Fireplace Inset Style with Surround

There are a number of bioethanol fireplace manufacturers who have created designs that emulate a traditional fireplace styling. Despite modern homes not having a chimney ...
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Flueless Bioethanol Fireplaces - Corn120L Bioethanol Fireplace 1200 x 450

Flueless Bioethanol Fireplaces, No Chimney Required

So you are considering buying a flueless fire for your home? This could be because your home has no chimney or the chimney that is ...
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Freestanding Bio-Ethanol Fires and Free Standing Fireplaces

Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace Designs – Free Standing Gel Fire

There are many Freestanding Bio-Ethanol Fires on the market. The term freestanding means that the bioethanol fire is a self contained unit that does not ...
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Woody bioethanol table fireplace - no chimney required.

Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplace – Bioethanol Garden Fires

An outdoor bioethanol fireplace or bioethanol garden fires can add a nice feature to an outside living area like a patio or garden terrace. A ...
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Two Sided Bioethanol Fireplace Double Sided Fire Designs

Two Sided Bioethanol Fireplace Double Sided Fire Designs

There are a very limited number of double sided or two sided bio ethanol fireplace designs available to buy “off the shelf”. The double sided ...
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Wood Burner Style Bio-Ethanol Stove Designs

Wood Burner Style Bio-Ethanol Stove Designs

If you crave the look of a wood burning stove however cannot cope with the hassle of buying and storing wood, or cleaning up all ...
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Blomus FUOCO Gel Fire Burner Firepit Bowl ø 32 cm, Dark Grey

Buy Gel Burner Fuel Fires Online – Sustainable Heating Solutions

Buying a gel burner fire can be an easy way to add secondary heat to a room, or add some extra atmosphere. Gel burner fires ...
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Gel Fuel Can - Sustainable heating solutions

Buy Gel Fuel Cans and Gel Fuel Bottles for Gel Burners

Once you have purchased your new gel fire or gel burner you will need to buy some gel fuel cans or bottles to be able ...
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Adam Large Bio Ethanol Burner in Stainless Steel, 3 Litre Capacity

Bio Ethanol Burner Insert – DIY Firebox Tray for Bio Fire

Bio Ethanol Burner Insert designs come in many shapes and sizes, small to wide ribbon of flame burners with remote control. The bigger the burner ...
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Bio-Ethanol Ribbon Burners - 1000mm Bio-Blaze Bio Ethanol fireplace Burner Insert

Bio Ethanol Ribbon Burner DIY Fireplace Design

Bio-Ethanol Ribbon Burners have a slot in the bio burner that creates a dancing ribbon of flame. Ethanol ribbon burners have a long, wide, ribbon ...
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Bioethanol Fireplace Insert, Bio Burner Trays

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert, Bio Fuel Burner Trays

Choosing a Bioethanol Fireplace Insert or Bio Burner Fuel Trays to create your own fireplace design or to convert an existing fireplace is easy as ...
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Klarstein Bioethanol Fireplaces Smokeless Fires Bio Burners

Recessed Hole in the Wall Bio Ethanol Fireplace Designs

Hole in the Wall Recessed Bio-Ethanol Fires are sustainable heating products which require installation into an existing fireplace opening or into a fireproof void or ...
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Bio Ethanol Wide Wall Fire 1800 x 400 - XXL Bio-Fuel Fireplace

Bio Ethanol Wide Wall Fire 1800 x 400 – XXL Bio-Fuel Fireplace

If you are craving a wide wall fire for your home and do not have a gas supply or chimney there are still many bio ...
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Kratki Delta Flat Bio Ethanol Fireplace [TÜV Certified] Black - Ventless Wall Mounted Indoor Heater

Buy Bio Ethanol Fire Designs Online – Sustainable Heating Solutions

We have set up this page to show links below to allow you to buy bioethanol fires online. Bio ethanol fire designs are a sustainable ...
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Rectangle Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit Portable Fire Bowl Pot Fireplace in Black, Realistic Burning

TableTop Bio Ethanol Fireplace – Table Top Ethanol Burner

TableTop Bio Ethanol Fireplace Models are generally easy to set up and use and are cheap to fairly buy. The tabletop fireplace products that are ...
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Round Bio Ethanol Fire Designs - Stainless Steel Bio Ethanol Round Burner

Round Bio Ethanol Fire Designs – Gel Fire Bowl Burners

There are many Round Bio Ethanol Fire and Gel Fire Bowl designs on the market. These can be small, gel fuel fire bowl burner designs ...
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Bio fuel fireplace Sined Fire Murall White to hang on the wall Modern bioethanol wall mounting fireplace made of powder-coated steel with front plate made of hardened and coloured glass fuel tank 1 litre

Wall Mounted Bioethanol Fires – Wall Hung Flueless Fireplace

There are many wall mounted bioethanol fireplace designs to review, consider and buy, from small wall hung fires with a small ethanol burner tray to ...
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Bio-Ethanol Fire Grate Burner Designs

Bio Ethanol Fire Grate Burner Designs for Traditional Fireplace

There are a number of bioethanol fireplace manufacturers who have created designs that emulate a traditional fireplace styling including bio ethanol fire grate or basket ...
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Bio Ethanol Wide Wall Fire 1800 x 400 - XXL Bio-Fuel Fireplace

Bioethanol Fireplace Manufacturers and Retailers

We’ve gathered together the various Bioethanol Fireplace Manufacturers and Retailers that are displayed on the web site and show these in the table below. Each ...
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Bio ethanol fire designs and gel burners are relatively easy to use, most are cheap to buy and come in a wide range of styles from very small table top bio ethanol fire models to large ribbon of flame burners. There are also new bio ethanol stoves models now being launched and many options to convert an old traditional gas or wood burning fireplace to a bio ethanol burner insert. Some very high end bioethanol designs now include remote control bioethanol burner trays however these are available at considerably more cost.

We have created a product grid below to allow you to visualise the type of bioethanol fireplace you are interested in, click on the image or name, to be taken to a page explaining some more about that style and presenting the available models and prices. Use the menu above to navigate to the pages that show the products you are interested in. We also have a number of technical guides including pages covering many different subjects like bioethanol fireplace safety storage of bioethanol fuel, ventilation requirements, installation, use and operation. We also have pages explaining the running costs of bioethanol fires.

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This website has been set up to allow you to buy the latest bioethanol fires from various online suppliers plus as source of helpful information, advice and technical help on Bio-Ethanol Fireplace and Gel Fire models. Hopefully this will allow you to choose the correct type of bio-ethanol fireplace for your home.

Online there are many different web stores and sites that promote their own individual bioethanol products however on our site we try to show various suppliers and options to allow you to compare prices and to see if a better deal is possible.

Best Deals on Bio-Ethanol Fireplace and Gel Fires

On the menu on the right we are showing examples of the current bioethanol fireplace price reductions and savings that are available available from our current supplier list for Bio-Ethanol Fireplace designs and smaller Gel Fires. These price reductions are updated automatically by the retailer so may only be available for a very limited time or while their stocks last. My advice is to buy them as soon as they appear on the price reduction page. Want to see more offers? Click the SAVE button in the top menu for the latest offers, to get a weekly update on specials offers Join Our Mailing List.

More Information and Technical Help on the Blog Page

Our technical help pages and the blog page have many posts related to new bio ethanol fireplace and gel fire product launches, reviews of the best selling bio ethanol fires, frequently asked questions, how bio ethanol fireplace technology works, ethanol fireplace operation, bio fuel safety considerations, how to use the bio ethanol fires and how to install them.

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We are adding new bio ethanol and gel fuel products at regular intervals. Here are the latest posts.

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