400mm Bio Ethanol Burner Tray Insert Firebox 4L Gel Fire

If you are looking for a bioethanol burner insert or bioethanol firebox then this model is a smaller version of the very popular 50cm bio burner insert that is very popular with customers. This modern bioethanol fuel burner tray design is available in three versions, each with a different bioethanol fuel capacity. Choose from either 2L, 3 L or 4L. The bioethanol burner tray and has a small slot that creates a beautiful ribbon of flame. This 400mm Bioethanol Burner Tray Insert Firebox is available in two different finishes, black as seen in the image above, and in stainless steel, as shown in the image below.

The stainless steel bioethanol burner is more expensive as the fabrication costs for using this material are higher. It is a matter of choice depending on how the burner will look within your chosen enclosure. The size of the 4L bioethanol fuel burner insert is 406mm x 166mm x 83mm, the ones with a smaller capacity are not as tall (check the sizes before you check out online). The size option make this bio-burner suitable for a lot of bioethanol fireplace installation styles, plus you can buy a separate combustion chamber to use with your final fireplace design.

What makes this particular ethanol burner insert appealing is the high capacity which means it will burn for a longer time before the bioethanol fuel runs out, and the burner slot, which is thinner than most burners. By having a thinner slot the bioethanol fuel will burn as a ribbon of flame. A smaller slot also means that it will be easier to snuff out the flame when you need to turn the bioethanol fuel burner off.

Apart from this 40mm Bioethanol Burner Tray Insert Firebox, there are other sizes available from the same manufacturer, Deka Interieurbouw, that may suit your fireplace opening better. You can also buy a combustion chamber to use with your own bio-fire design. The other sizes of bio burners are a smaller version at 330mm, this one at 400mm and the biggest, and most popular at 500mm wide.

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To place your order select the version of the 400mm Bioethanol Burner Tray Insert Firebox you require from the links below, this will take you to the merchant page to process your order.

More Sizes of this Bioethanol Burner Insert Firebox

The links below take you to the other sizes of bioethanol fuel burner fireboxes that are made by the same bioethanol fireplace manufacturer.

Alternative 400mm Bioethanol Burner Tray Insert Firebox Designs

I have also displayed below a few more 400mm bio ethanol burner trays that are available online and made by alternative suppliers. This gives you an opportunity to compare prices for the same size of bioethanol fuel burner inserts from different manufacturers.

400mm Bioethanol Burner Tray Product Card

Deka Interieurbouw Metal Burner Firebox Fireplace Table Decoration Black Bio Ethanol Gel Fire 4 liters / 40 cm

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