930mm Wide Bio Ethanol Burner Tray Insert by Kratki

If you are looking for a wide bioethanol burner insert or long bioethanol firebox then this model could be just the answer. This 930mm wide bioethanol burner tray is manufactured by Kratki in Poland. What makes this burner popular with customers is the width, 93cm, and the fact the product is manufactured in Europe by Kratki under EU regulation. It provides some level on comfort to know the bio-ethanol burner is manufactured in Europe and was developed in accordance with DIN standards for ethanol fireplaces.

This long bioethanol burner tray is ideal for development projects and fireplace conversions, however a combustion chamber will be required to ensure the burner and flame are protected. Overall the final wide bioethanol fireplace design will have a stunning ribbon of flame. At 93cm wide this Kratki XL bio-ethanol burner tray can be used as part of a design project for a new feature wall fireplace (See the image on the left). By using a combustion chamber it is possible to design a stunning ethanol fireplace. An added feature of this modern bioethanol firebox burner is the special ethanol fire ceramic wool matting that has been added to the burner tray. This is used to reduce the risk of bioethanol fuel spillages, increase the burning time of the ethanol fuel and helps to stabalise the flame pattern.

Technical specification of the Kratki 930mm bioethanol fireplace burner
Technical specification of the Kratki 930mm bioethanol fireplace burner, click on the image to see a bigger version.

The Kratki 930mm Wide Bio Ethanol Burner Tray Insert can be easily extinguished by using the supplied lid and handle. The ethanol fireplace burner is manufactured from a combination of black and stainless steel giving it a very contemporary look. The overall dimensions of this wide ethanol fireplace burner are Height: 35 mm, Width: 930 mm and Depth: 80 mm. Note that as the 930mm Wide Bio Ethanol Burner Tray Insert by Kratki has the bioethanol burner ceramic wool added to the burner it cannot be used with gel fuel, only liquid bioethanol fuel bottles should be used. The bio-burner is designed to burn for up to 3 hours, ideal for an evening.

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Alternative 93cm Bioethanol Burner Tray Insert Firebox Designs

I have also included below some other versions of 930mm bioethanol burner trays that are available online from alternative suppliers. These may not be exactly the same as the product shown above however it gives you an opportunity to compare prices for the same size of bioethanol burner inserts from different manufacturers.

Kratki 930mm XL Bio Ethanol Burner Tray Product Card

EcoSmart Fire Firebox 720CV (5L) Luxury Bio Ethanol Fireplace

£3,195.00  in stock
as of 19/06/2021 10:52


  • Sliding Glass Screen: This acts as both a safety barrier and fire shield against the wind.
  • Curvaceous Design: Unique curved feature radiates heat outward for full enjoyment and maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Longest Burn, Lowest Odour: Clean burning e-NRG bioethanol fuel boasts a host of benefits including long burns times and low odour.
  • Bold Contrast: The black powder-coat protects the stainless steel firebox and provides dramatic contrast to the smoke-free flame.
  • Outdoor Living: Once the domain of indoor spaces, EcoSmart’s flexible firebox designs are a stylish way to bring life to alfresco areas.
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