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The www.bio-ethanol-fireplace.co.uk has been set up by a fireplace designer who has also previously owned a successful UK fireplace manufacturing business. I have designed, manufactured and sold gas and bioethanol fires to customers around the World, including many bespoke designs for hotels and private customers. I designed the 3000m wide bespoke gas fireplace shown in the image that was installed in the Fairmont Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This was a 3m wide remote control gas ribbon fire with a 36kW output. I designed the gas burner, enclosure and the extraction system that was used in this stunning fireplace.

The benefits of buying a bio-ethanol fireplace are numerous, for instance they are flueless fires and do not require a chimney to operate. This makes them perfect for modern homes. The bioethanol fuel bottles contain ethanol which is a natural, smoke free, green energy source, this helps to protect the environment. Since bioethanol fires first came on the market there choice of design has expanded from the original bio-ethanol burner trays  and table top gel fires to large remote control bioethanol burners and bioethanol stove designs.

About the Bio-Ethanol-Fireplace Web Site

I am a Design Engineer, starting my career in electronics designing switch mode power supplies, audio systems and high voltage transformers. In 2007 I started my own gas fire manufacturing company and started designing, manufacturing and selling gas and bio ethanol fireplaces to clients around the world. These have been installed in some of the most prestigious properties around the world for clients who include movie stars, TV personalities and footballers. The designs included both standard products that are still manufactured today and bespoke custom made commissions which were created for private and commercial clients, like hotels. The site has been designed to pass on some of these experiences.

Examples of Products Displayed on this site.

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The web site has been set up displaying comparison prices for bio-ethanol fireplaces and gel fires from various sources across the internet, mainly Amazon and Ebay. We have chosen these because they have the best consumer controls in place. Online there are many different web stores and sites that promote their own individual products however on our site we show the various suppliers, many selling the same product, to allow the user to view comparison prices and to see if a better deal is possible.

The site also shows sites which may have special offers or products that are currently on offer. We also show sponsorship adverts from various retailers.  If you find the web site useful then we hope you will consider using one of the many sponsor adverts displayed on the site or click on product links that are shown about the web site to buy a fireplace. The revenue from this advertising pays for the running of the site.

Best Deals on Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces and Gel Fires

Showm below is an example of one of the current special offers available on the website. These price drops are updated automatically by our website software and the products are only shown while stocks last.

Use the link in the main menu to see the top 35 bio ethanol fireplace savings. This list changes daily as stock is exhausted, buy now to avoid missing out.

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Use the links in the main menu to navigate the website. Our blog page has all the posts that have been created to give technical help, answer frequently asked questions, explain how the technology works, discuss the fireplace operation, highlight safety considerations and to discuss installation issues. We hope these will be helpful. Visit the Web Store to search for products and look for the best deals. The site is expanding and new products are added daily. Click here if you would like to Contact Us. We have a limited number of advertising opportunities available for companies to display products on the site, for details view our Advertising Opportunities page.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

Listed below are examples of our technical pages. More guides and technical information on bio ethanol fireplace and gel fire burners are available in the main menu.

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On the website we have all makes of bio ethanol fireplace and also all the different types of bioethanol fireplace available for you to view and consider. We have listed some of the most popular pages below for you to consider. The styles are based on how the bioethanol fireplace will be used, how it is installed or on a specific design style. Also check out some of the best selling bio ethanol fireplaces from our order history. You can see the full list of the different types of bio ethanol fireplace designs by using the top menu.

Here are some popular bio ethanol fireplace makes to consider:

And here are some popular bio ethanol fireplace design styles

Buying Bio Ethanol Fuel Bottles and Gel Fuel Cans

Once you have purchased your new bio ethanol fireplace or gel burner fire you will need to consider how much fuel you will need to buy. Below are links to suppliers of bio ethanol fuel bottles and gel fuel cans where you can buy fuel for your fireplace. You may want to add ceramic wool to improve the safety and extend the fuel usage or add pebbles to create your own fireplace design. See the links below for more information on these bio fuel accessories.