Advertising Opportunities for Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces and Gel Fires

Advertising Opportunities for Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces and Gel Fires

We have Advertising Opportunities available for bio ethanol fireplace retailers and manufacturers. By including this within your overall marketing strategy it can lead to greater brand awareness, higher quality sales leads, increased sales and growth. Can you afford to ignore it?

Advertising Opportunities

There are many different advertising opportunities available on this site, for all types of companies, not just fireplace companies. Visitors to the site are generally buying a fireplace as part of a renovation project which will include buying other home improvement products.

We can create product pages which link direct to your online store, display new PR releases, create a brand page with links to your site and display banner adverts. These are offered on a monthly or annual payment basis with competitive rates available. All of our advertising opportunities will include back links to your web site. By setting up direct product pages linking to your own web site check out system has multiple benefits including both increased sales, higher google rankings and a higher number of sales leads.

If you are interested in displaying your products on this web site then please get in touch using the CONTACT FORM.

Examples of products Advertised on the site.

in stock
1 new from £109.00
as of 10/12/2019 23:54
in stock
1 new from £125.99
as of 10/12/2019 23:54

Product Advertising

The site is a free source of help, advice and knowledge about bio ethanol fireplaces which we hope the user will find useful however the cost of running the site is covered by advertising revenue.

The web site displays sponsorship adverts and displays comparison prices for bio-ethanol fireplaces and gel fires from various sources across the internet, mainly Amazon and Ebay. These online stores have been chosen because they offer the best consumer controls. The site also shows sites which may have special offers or products that are currently on sale that may also be of interest.

Examples of products Advertised on the site.

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2 new from £73.95
as of 10/12/2019 23:54

About Us

The has been  set up by a fireplace designer who has also previously owned a successful UK fireplace manufacturing business. Designing, manufacturing and selling gas and bio ethanol fireplaces to clients around the world. These have been installed in some of the most prestigious properties around the world for clients who include movie stars, TV personalities and footballers.

The designs included both standard products that are still manufactured today and bespoke custom made commissions which were created for private and commercial clients, like hotels. The site has been designed to pass on some of these experiences.

Best Deals on Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces and Gel Fires

Listed below are 10 of the current best deals on Bio-Ethanol and Gel Fires from our supplier list. These price drops are updated automatically by the retailer so may only be available for a limited time.

8 days ago
2 new from £137.16
56% -£172.84
7 days ago
3 new from £220.28
38% -£129.71
10 days ago
2 new from £29.99
55% -£36.52
8 days ago
2 new from £44.99
45% -£35.89
8 days ago
2 new from £34.08
49% -£32.42
8 days ago
2 new from £189.99
11% -£21.77
20 days ago
2 new from £49.00
29% -£20.00
20 days ago
31% -£16.51

Click here for the TOP 25 DEALS 

Examples of products Advertised on the site.

The Blog Page and More

The blog page has posts related to technical help, frequently asked questions, how the technology works, fireplace operation, safety considerations, how to use and how to installation. Visit the Web Store to search for products and look for the best deals. The site is constantly expanding and new products are added daily. If you would like to Contact Us use the form in the link in the menu above.

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