Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert for an Existing Fireplace

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert for an Existing Fireplace - Imagin ANYA

When looking for a Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert for an Existing Fireplace there are a number of options however the defining factor on your choice will be the existing room layout and the current fireplace that exists (if there is one). If you have an old fireplace then the easiest option would be to buy a bioethanol burner tray and fit that in place of the old burner however that is not as straightforward as it seems as there are a number of safety issues you need to check up on and overcome before you start converting the fireplace to bioethanol.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert for an Existing Fireplace

Here I have broken down the options and given a brief summary, and provided some links for more details. Make sure you read our safety guides first as they cover issues like fuel handling and storage, fireplace lighting and shut off plus safe positioning of the burner to avoid spillages and to ensure clearances to combustible materials. Above all the fires have a naked flame and steps should be taken to protect people and the property from risk of fire and burns. When looking to convert a fireplace from one type of fuel to another there are a number of factors which are very difficult to discuss in a written article. Above all, yes it can be done, is it easy? No. You need to plan it correctly and safely.

Modern Home / No Chimney / False Fireplace Opening

Bioethanol fireplaces are classed as flueless fires, that means they do not need a flue system to operate safely, a flue system is a modern way of saying a chimney. Flueless bioethanol fires are in fact no chimney ethanol fires. This makes the installation and use a lot easier to plan than say a gas fire or wood burning stove. If you have a modern home with no chimney then in this instance you could look to buy a bioethanol burner tray insert that can be placed in the opening. The other alternative is a bioethanol firegrate style burner or an bioethanol table top burner. Each of these are relatively cheap to buy and easy to use.

Traditional Home / Existing Chimney / Open Fireplace

There are a number of bioethanol fireplace manufacturers who have created designs that emulate a traditional fireplace styling including bio ethanol fire grate burners and bio ethanol wood burning stove designs. These will work with a traditional, old style, fireplace design. For more details read our guide on converting a traditional fireplace to bio ethanol fuel. If you have a chimney and it is functioning then you will need to block it up. This serves an additional purpose as it makes your home energy efficient as you are not losing heat up the chimney to the outside 24 hours a day. Bioethanol fires are classes as being 100% energy efficient, the fuel you buy gets burned and the heat generated comes out into the room, without any loss.

Bio Ethanol Fire Grate Burner Insert : Heat Saving Option

When burning coal, wood or gas there must be a chimney, or flue system, to remove the harmful emissions generated when the fuel is burnt. The downside of a chimney, when used as part of an open flame fire is that it opens a door from the home to the outside. Any heat generated in the home will be drawn outside via the chimney. Modern homes have central heating and an open chimney would take heat out making the home inefficient. However, if you do not have a chimney then it does not mean you cannot have a traditional fireplace. A traditional style bioethanol fireplace does not need a chimney as it is designed to use a biofuel burner using bioethanol fuel, which is a clean, sustainable, biofuel source.

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If you have a tradition, open flame fireplace with a gas, wood or wood burner converting this to a bio-ethanol fire burner could help you to save energy and add some secondary heat. Choosing the right design of fire burner could also add a new dramatic interior design feature. The fire is designed to work with bioethanol burner tray insert and this operates on clean burning bio-ethanol fuel. Choosing the right size and shape of fire grate burner will depend on your current situation. Also, if removing an old fire burner first consult a trained engineer or builder, especially if removing an old gas burner, to do a survey and confirm what building work is involved in block up the existing chimney, removing the old fire and installing the new bio-ethanol firegrate burner.

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We have selected a number of bioethanol fireplace inserts below.

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