Bio Fires Glass Cube Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner

See below the Bio Fires Glass Cube Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner that has recently been included in our best selling bioethanol fireplaces pages. If you are looking for a small tabletop bioethanol fire to use inside our outside then this popular bioethanol fire model could be just the answer. With a small bioethanol burner tray that requires only 125ml of bioethanol fuel that will provide up to 1Kw of heat for 1 hour of burn time. This make the product cheap to operate along with the very low purchase price. For less that a £100 you can buy a tabletop ethanol fire and some bioethanol fuel bottles and enjoy the fire for many hours. The unit is available in either White or Black (see below)

The Bio Fires Glass Cube Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner is perfect for placing on a table top and either using indoors, or maybe take the fire outside and use it as a garden ethanol fireplace instead of the usual wood burning fire pit designs. As the bioethanol fuel is clean burning there is no mess, ash or smoke to worry about. Due to the small size it maty also be possible to use this bioethanol fire within your home inside a fireplace opening where maybe a gas fire or wood burning fire has been removed.

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Alternative Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burners

I have also displayed below a few more tabletop ethanol fires and portable bioethanol fires that are available online and made by alternative suppliers. This gives you an opportunity to compare prices for the same size of bioethanol burner inserts and Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner designs from different manufacturers.

Bio Fires Glass Cube Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner Product Card

Below is a copy of the Bio Fires Glass Cube Tabletop Bio Ethanol Burner product card.

Qlima Ethanol Burner Square 22x22x30 cm Fire Pit Decoration Fireplace FFB 022

 in stock
as of 26/07/2021 03:38


  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
  • Power: 920 W
  • Fuel chamber capacity: 150 ml

Bio Ethanol Burners Table Top for Outside, Equipped with Tempered Glass Plate Sturdy Square Steel Base Alcohol Burning Flame Environmentally Friendly Ash-Free And Smokeless, Bio Ethanol Fire

£1,124.11  in stock
as of 26/07/2021 03:38


  • [Square Glass Bioethanol Smokeless Fireplace] Driven by smokeless, odorless and clean burning bioethanol (not included), this true flameless fireplace does not require a fireplace and is an excellent decoration and practical part for any room in the city.
  • [Timeless design] This table-top fireplace adopts a stylish modern design. You can enjoy the dancing flames 360° behind the high-temperature-resistant transparent glass. It is a stylish lounge chair. For friends or family who like interior design, this will also be a wonderful gift!
  • [Easy and economical] You don't need electricity, gas or fireplace, because it runs on simple bioethanol fuel, it is easy to find and the price is reasonable. This elegant tabletop fireplace has an elegant black metal base and a movable round glass body. It has no ventilation holes, and can be easily installed and used right out of the box.
  • [Real Flame]Enjoy the real fire atmosphere without melting wax, smoke, soot and ashes. Place it indoors or outdoors, dining table, banquet table or coffee table-endless possibilities!
  • [Portable desktop fireplace] The size of this desktop fireplace is 25x25x65cm. It is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can move it anywhere, which means you can put it on your desk, dining table or coffee table.

Bio Fires - Glass Cube II Black Bio Ethanol Burner

£65.00  in stock
as of 26/07/2021 03:38


  • Size: 29.5 cm high x 24.5 cm wide x 20.5 cm deep
  • Fuel intake: 125ml
  • Burning time: approx. 1h
  • Heat output: 1kW
  • Heat output: 1 kW

Selsey Cube Ethanol Fire Pit Grey

£74.99  in stock
as of 26/07/2021 03:38


  • Real fire experience
  • Does not produce soot or smoke
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use
  • Free standing and mobile
  • Overall Dimensions (W) 40 cm (D) 40 cm (H) 52 cm
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