Bioethanol Fire Pit – Outdoor Garden Bio Fuel Patio Heating Solution

Outdoor heating on a terrace, patio, garden or balcony is now becoming a popular part of oudoor living. There are many different fuel types to consider. The clean burning, green energy, option is the use of bioethanol fuel bottles. The style, design and size of your bioethanol fire pit will depend on your budget. It is worth understanding that small outdoor fireplaces are mainly decorative and therefore if you require heat a larger design will be required.

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Outdoor Heating Fuel Types

If you need heat then you need to look at other fuel types.

Wood Burning Fire Pit – Depending on how much wood you burn you can generate considerable amounts of heat. Buying a good quality wood burning fire pit will give the best performance and safety. However burning wood is not safe it needs constant monitoring.

Gas Patio Heater – Gas firepit designs and gas patio heater designs will generate around 16kw to 20kw of heat. Gas, if used as instructed by the manufacturer is safer than burning wood, also most likely cheaper.

Electric Outdoor Patio Heater – there are many electric outdoor heaters to consider. Heat output  is around 2kw. Easy to use, cheap to run.

Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

When thinking of outdoor heating most people think of a fire pit. A typical outdoor fire pit design with a large round or square construction is not practical with bioethanol fuel. A fire pit is used to generate high volumes of heat. A bioethanol burner to generate the same heat as a wood burning fire pit or gas burning fire pit would need to have a large surface area and require a large volume of fuel.

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