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This web site has all types of bioethanol fireplaces for use either indoor or outside in the garden. Bioethanol Fireplaces and Gel Fires are a great way to add secondary heat to a room. This is the bioethanol fireplace online shop page, visit the links below to review each of the products that are available within the chosen installation or usage category. We also have a number of technical pages and guides available.

Bioethanol Fireplace Online Shop

We hope to help you in some way to choose the correct type of bio-ethanol fireplace for your home. Online there are many different web stores and sites that promote their own individual bioethanol products however on our site we try to show the various suppliers and comparison prices for products to let you see if a better deal is possible.

We show comparison prices for bio-ethanol fireplaces and gel fires from various sources across the internet, mainly Amazon and Ebay. We have chosen these because they have the best consumer controls in place to give the maximum protection.

Types of Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

Listed below are pages displaying specific types of bioethanol fireplace depending on how it will be used or installed, click on the link title to be taken to a page explaining more about the bioethanol fireplace type and listing various models that are available to buy.

Special Offers and Deals on Bioethanol Fireplaces

On the site there are over 500 different bioethanol products to buy. At various times suppliers have offers and deals available. Our site software collects these bioethanol fireplace price reductions together and shows them in a list with details of the current saving.  This list depends on stock availability and changes all the time, If you see an offer it is best to buy straightaway to avoid losing out.

Below are an example of 5 current  offers, click here for the current TOP 25 Bioethanol Fireplace Deals  currently available. To get a weekly update on special offers Join Our Mailing List.

Popular Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Suppliers

Ethanol & Gel Fuel Fireplace Fireside Model XXL Design + free 24 decorative stones (white)
Ethanol & Gel Fuel Fireplace Fireside Model XXL

Listed below are pages displaying products from specific bioethanol fireplace manufacturers and brands. If you have a favorite supplier click on the name to be taken to a page displaying the current models.

More Information on the Blog Page

The blog page has new posts related to technical help, frequently asked questions, how the technology works, fireplace operation, safety considerations, how to use the fires and how to installation them.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

Listed below are our Technical pages.

About Us

The has been set up as a free source of information and to share some knowledge about bio ethanol fireplaces, which we hope you will enjoy. The cost of running the site is covered by the product advertising. When you click on a link or buy a product it creates a basic revenue to allow the site to continue.

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If you are a manufacturer or retailer of bio-ethanol fireplaces and would like to advertise your products on our web site take a look at our bioethanol fires advertising opportunities page for full details of what we can offer.

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