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Kratki Delta Flat Bio Ethanol Fireplace [TÜV Certified] Black - Ventless Wall Mounted Indoor Heater

We have set up this page to show links below to allow you to buy bioethanol fires online. Bio ethanol fire designs are a sustainable heating solution as the fuel is created from processing plant extracts. The fuel burns cleanly and does not harm the environment unlike fossil fuels like gas and coal.

Bio ethanol fires are a great way to add extra heat and atmosphere to a living space, either indoors or outdoors on a terrace, patio or garden. There are a wide range of models available each with differing installation requirements. From small tabletop gel burner fires to 2000mm wide fully automatic bioethanol burners with remote control. Options for bio ethanol fires are unlimited. The advantage of buying a bio ethanol fire are access to clean burning eco-friendly fuel and the fact that the fires do not need a chimney or flue system. Bio ethanol fire designs are perfect for modern, energy efficient, homes. With 100% energy efficiency bio ethanol fire designs are a sustainable heating solution designed for the future.

To find out more about the benefits of bio ethanol fires check out the technical pages that are shown in the top menu.

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Visit the links below to review current offers for bioethanol products. We also have also included number of links to technical pages and guides below.

Bio Ethanol Fires Explained

BioEthanol fires, fireplace or burners use clean burning bioethanol fuel. The fires a relatively easy to install and use as long as the manufacturerks operating instructions and general safety measures are followed.

If you are looking for a secondary heat source or would like to add a decorative flame within a room or outside on a patio, bioethanol fires are a great solution to consider.

Types of Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

There are many different types of bioethanol fire and gel burner to consider. We have created a full list showing this and this is available to view using the main menu. Bio ethanol and gel fires are categorised depending on how they will be used or installed. Review the full page and click on the link title to be taken to a page listing various models that are available to buy.

Special Offers and Deals on Bioethanol and Gel Fires

On the site there are over 500 different bioethanol products to buy. At various times suppliers have offers and deals available. Our site software collects these bioethanol fireplace price reductions together and shows them in a list with details of the current saving. This list depends on stock availability and changes all the time, If you see an offer it is best to buy straightaway to avoid losing out.

Below is an example of a current saving. For the top 35 savings on bioethanol and gel burner fires use the link in the main menu. Price change all the time so stocks can run out quickly.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

Listed below are our Technical pages.

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Why Change to a BioEthanol Fireplace?

There are number of positives to look at when considering your next fireplace purchase. Buying a Gas, Electric or Wood Burning fireplace from a retailer may involve complicated installation work that can be costly and, especially in the case of wood there are issues over storage of the fuel and the mess caused by the ash. Also, apart from the electric fire, a gas or wood burning fire will need a chimney, something that a lot of modern houses do not have. Did you know that bioethanol flueless fire designs do not need a chimney or flue system to be used? This means they are perfect for new, modern homes. They are also a great solution for older homes that have a faulty chimney that needs to be repaired. Or you may be looking to block up or remove an existing chimney to reduce your heating bills. Either way, flueless bioethanol fireplaces are a great, cost effective heating solution for a room where secondary heat is required. They are also good for the environment, unlike burning gas or coal. That is why it is best to look at the options and guides that are shown on the website before making a decision on your next fireplace purchase. Choose a flueless fire, or if you like a, no chimney fire, that uses clean burning bioethanol fuel.