Buy Bioethanol Fuel Bottles for Ethanol Fireplace Designs

Buy Bioethanol Fuel for Ethanol Fireplaces

Once you have purchased your bioethanol fuel burner or fireplace you will need to buy some bioethanol fuel bottles to be able to use it. Online, liquid bioethanol fuel is supplied in many different package styles and quantities. The normal rule applies that the more you buy the cheaper it will be, per litre, to buy.

We have selected some bio ethanol fuel bottle suppliers below for you to consider. When choosing check for any offers that may be available, for instance, look out for free delivery on most UK bioethanol fuel supplies. Popular bioethanol fuel brands include GreenEvo bioethanol fuel and Biola bioethanol fuel however there are many different UK based suppliers to consider. Basically, the fuel in the bottle is the same, however some suppliers might add scent to the fuel so that it gives off a pleasant smell when used in the burner. If you are ready to buy bioethanol fuel see the current bio ethanol fuel bottle offers below.

Current Offers to Buy Bioethanol Fuel Bottles

Check out the range of liquid bio ethanol fuel offers below. To save money it is best to buy a bigger batch related to how often you will use your bio ethanol fire. When looking at these offers divide the price per bottle by the number of litres to work out the cost per litre and then select the most cost effective package to meet your fuel usage needs.

Buy Bio Ethanol Fuel in 1ltr or 5ltr Bottles?

Online you can buy bioethanol fuel bottles in either 1ltr or 5ltr bottles. The difference can affect how you are able to use the fuel to refill your bioethanol burner tray. A 1ltr bottle is easy to handle and makes filling a burner tray straightforward.

A larger bio ethanol fuel bottle may require you to decant the fuel into a smaller container first or to use an electric pump to transfer the fuel from the large container to the burner tray. When handling fuel it is critical that there are no spills therefore consider this point when choosing.

You can also read our guidance notes to using and storing bioethanol fuel for some extra information before buying bioethanol fuel.

Calculate Your Fuel Usage to Get the Best Deal on Bottles

It is easy to calculate how much bio ethanol fuel you may require based on the burner size and the run time as quoted by the manufacturer. It should be noted that any unused fuel in the bioethanol burner tray when it is shut off will slowly evaporate. That is why it is best to choose a burner which suits your heat and usage requirements. Read our guide to bioethanol fireplace running costs.

If you intend to use your bioethanol burner for 3 hours on an evening for 3 nights a week then buy a burner with a 3 hour running time. Here are a couple of examples of monthly usage of bioethanol fuel.

Burner #1 – 200mm wide, 2kw output, 0.4 ltr capacity, 3 hours burn time – you will need 5 litres of fuel per month.  (0.4 x 3 nights x 4 weeks = 4.8)

Burner #2 – 340mm wide, 3kw output, 1.2 ltr capacity and 3 hours burn time – you will need 15 litres of fuel per month (1.2 x 3 nights x 4 weeks = 14.4)