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Once you have purchased your new gel fire or gel burner you will need to buy some gel fuel cans or bottles to be able to use it. Gel fuel is basically the same as bioethanol fuel however it has been processed to make it thicker and less likely to be spilled. Gel fuel is often sold in cans or bottles and can have a green, yellow or even blue colouring. The very first bio fires were evolved from the gel fuel cans that were widely used in the catering industry for warming food that was being served at buffets and the like.

The early pioneers of gel burner fireplaces took the gel cans and developed burners and fireplaces that could take the can. These early fireplaces appeared in the early 2000’s. From this growing market bioethanol fireplaces evolved and bioethanol fuel was made widely available in bottles. For more information read our guide to the differences between gel and bioethanol fuel.

Buy Gel Fuel in Cans or in Bottles?

Today, both gel fuel cans and bio ethanol fuel bottles are widely sold by a large number of online suppliers. Gel burner fuel is sold either 1 litre bottles or in small fuel cans.

Some gel burner fires are designed to take the cans. In this instance you will need to buy cans. When the old can is empty it is discarded and a new can is put into the burner , the lid removed, the protective film peeled off and then the gel burner can be lit and used. If some instances you may be able to buy the gel fuel in a bottle and refill the can however it is my opinion that you should do this with caution and only outdoors. This is due to the fact that when the gel fuel is burnt in the can and it runs out it will most likely leave a small residue. This residue will still be there if you refill the can from a gel fuel bottle and the next time the gel burner is used the residue will burn and most likely cause smoke.

Some gel fireplaces have a burner tray or bowl that is part of the fireplace design, or built-in to the design. Typically this will be a high grade stainless steel vessel. In this instance you will need to buy gel fuel bottles to refill the burner and use the fire. If in doubt about which type of gel fuel to use in your gel burner read the manufactures instructions that you received with the gel fire or gel burner before buying fuel and using the product.

When buying gel fuel cans or gel bottles first decide how much fuel you will need to use your gel burner so that you do not need to store large amounts of fuel. Gel fuel cans are sold in packs of about 12 cans, bottles can be purchased in a range of pack sizes from 1 litre to 36 litres.

Current Offers to Buy Gel Fuel

If you are ready to buy gel fuel cans or gel bottles then we have selected some of the current online offers below.

Gel Fuel Explained

There are differences between gel fuel cans and bio ethanol fuel bottles. This affects the usage, handling, storage and safety aspects, read our differences between bioethanol fuel and gel fuel page for more information. You can also read our guidance notes on using and storing bio fuel for some extra information before buying gel fuel.

Buy Gel Fire Burners and Fuel

On the website there are a number of pages related to gel burner fires and related products. We have listed these below. Click on the link to be taken to a page displaying more gel fuel products.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

Read our technical guides listed below for more help choosing an bioethanol fireplace for your home. The best advice is to read the manufacturers installation  and operation instructions before you start handling the fuel or using the fire.

Why Change to a BioEthanol Fireplace?

There are number of positives to look at when considering your next fireplace purchase. Buying a Gas, Electric or Wood Burning fireplace from a retailer may involve complicated installation work that can be costly and, especially in the case of wood there are issues over storage of the fuel and the mess caused by the ash. Also, apart from the electric fire, a gas or wood burning fire will need a chimney, something that a lot of modern houses do not have. Did you know that bioethanol flueless fire designs do not need a chimney or flue system to be used? This means they are perfect for new, modern homes. They are also a great solution for older homes that have a faulty chimney that needs to be repaired. Or you may be looking to block up or remove an existing chimney to reduce your heating bills. Either way, flueless bioethanol fireplaces are a great, cost effective heating solution for a room where secondary heat is required. They are also good for the environment, unlike burning gas or coal. That is why it is best to look at the options and guides that are shown on the website before making a decision on your next fireplace purchase. Choose a flueless fire, or if you like a, no chimney fire, that uses clean burning bioethanol fuel.