Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bio Ethanol Fireplace or Gel Burner

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With summers becoming longer and drier there has been an increase in the development and use of outdoor living spaces with people using their garden, patio or terrace to enjoy on a hot summers day and on a warm evening. Adding a gel burner fire or an outdoor bio ethanol fire to your garden, patio or terrace is a great way to create and enjoy a dynamic outdoor living space. Included in this range are small table top designs up to full size fire tables and fire pits which will generate some heat on a cool summer evening.

Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bio Ethanol Fireplace

There are many styles of outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace on the market and choosing the correct model is critical to ensure that the fire gives you what you want. Factors to consider when buying include the cosmetic look, the safety aspects, portability, the heat output, running costs, fuel type and burn time. The most popular outdoor, or garden, fireplaces are table top gel burners and freestanding bioethanol fireplaces. These are available in a wide range of styles. The outdoor tabletop gel burners are easy to use and are decorative as they provide some extra lighting but not much heat. Heating outdoor in the garden is difficult due to the large open space. Any heat given off by the product is very quickly diluted by the outside air. When buying an outdoor or garden fireplace, unless you buy a gas patio heater or use a wood burning firepit, it is unlikely you will benefit from any heat when you are in the garden from a bioethanol fire. If heat is not a concern then buying an outdoor bio ethanol fires can provide addition atmosphere to the outdoor setting.

Some people have used outdoor bioethanol and gel burner fires in a garden and created a dynamic living space. If using a bioethanol or gel fire outdoors you will need to consider where you will store it when it is not in use as they cannot be left outside in wet weather. Tabletop models tend to be small however you will need to ensure it is positioned in a safe position on the table, consider also buying a garden model that has a glass screen. Portable bioethanol fireplace models need to be placed in an area where they cannot be knocked over. A popular table top model that have extra features is the Chantico bio fire made by Planika.

Buy Outdoor Bio Ethanol Fireplace – Garden Fire

We have selected a range of outdoor bioethanol fires and gel burners below that we think will be a great addition to your garden our outdoor living space. To order click on the link to be taken to the merchant store to check the technical specification, delivery requirements and place your order.

What to consider when buying an Outdoor Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Before buying an outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace for use in your garden ask yourself these questions and make a list of your requirements:

  • Portable? Do you want to use the garden fire in different locations both outdoor and indoors? If yes then the weight and size of the chosen garden fireplace needs to be considered. The supplier will quote dimensions and weight.
  • Heat Output? Do you need the heat or is it decorative? See the comments above on outdoor heat. The supplier will quote a heat output as part of the sales literature. The heat generated by this type of fire, when used in an open outdoor space will be negligible and for that reason it will be mainly decorative. There are some large fire table available that may quote some heat benefit however the running costs of these will be restrictive to most users. The bigger the burner the more fuel that will be used, with an average cost of £4/liter, if heat is not an issue choosing a smaller burner will reduce the running costs.
  • Safety? The outdoor area where the gel fire will be used needs careful consideration to ensure safe clearances to combustible materials and the fire cannot be knocked over. A unit with a glass screen will provide additional protection. The unit should also include some method to protect the flame from being touched or being blown by air movement, like glass panels. Outdoors there may be people moving around or children playing therefore the positioning should take this into account.

Bio-Ethanol Fire Pit for Outside Heating

If you require higher volumes of outdoor heating then bioethanol is possibly not the way to go. For more details read our guide to outdoor heating.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

We have selected a number of our technical guides below which we hope will help you with choosing a gel burner or bioethanol fireplace for your garden or outdoor space. For the full list of technical pages see the main menu. The best advice is to read the manufacturers installation and operation instructions that are supplied with the bioethanol fireplace or gel fire before you start to use it and before you start handling the fuel. Bioethanol fires and gel burners are a great way to add heat and a living flame to a property. Buy following some common safety procedures you will get the best performance and use out of your fireplace product.

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