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Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace

Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace

Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace
Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace

Adding an outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace or gel burner to your garden or patio is a great way to create a dynamic outdoor living space. Our web site has many design styles and products available. Included are small table top designs up to full size fire tables and fire pits which will generate some heat on a cool summer evening.

There are many styles of Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace are there are many factors to consider like the cosmetic look, the safety aspects and the heat output and burn time. Choosing the correct model is critical to ensure that the fire provides the required service.

Here is an Example of an Outdoor Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Specification

Gr8 Garden Bio ethanol fireplace Free Standing Indoor Outdoor Stainless Steel Glass Portable Camping Table Top Fire Burner Flame Heater

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  • Size: 34 x 17 x 16 cm approximately
  • Metal body and stainless steel burner
  • Toughened safety glass
  • Weight: 2.3 kg approximately

This Ethanol Fireplace Free Standing creates a cosy, intimate atmosphere with this Bio-Ethanol fireplace. No outlet needed, no odours and no waste, such as soot or ash. This stylish fireplace can be used both indoors and outdoors. A safe and decorative addition to pure cosiness. Product Code: DF-6508E. Sku No: 2001874. Ean: 5057102001874. Package Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 7cm Approx. Product Weight Inc Packaging: 2.4Kg Approx Please Note: Colour May Slightly Vary From The Image Shown Although The Concept Is The Same

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Camping Glass Top Burner Fire VIC3 (Black)

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  • Size: L42cm x H18cm x W 22cm
  • Burning time: 2h
  • Material: metal + tempered glass
  • Heat output: 3KW
  • Fuel consumption 270ml/1H

General notes Please read through the following notes very carefully. This manual is directed towards end users who use the BioFire products. Any right to make a return claim will be cancelled if these instructions are not observed. Inappropriate use as well as changes to the product will also cause exclusion of any claims. If there are any questions and problems encountered in installing and using the products, then please contact us via messaging. 1. Description of the product BioFire products are decorative fireplaces, which are designed for indoor and outdoor use. This is a liquid fuel (bio ethanol) burnt in the BioFire model variants, which is poured into a stainless steel container. The fireplace consists of tempered glass walls and a metal base. 2. Product variants from BioFire General notes on the product BioFire products are exclusively suitable for burning ethanol. We expressly recommend using the fuel specified in chapter 5. If different fuels are used then any right to make a return claim will be cancelled, and dangerous situations can arise. Damaged product (e.g. damaged glass) must not be used anymore. Do not make any changes to the product! National and local legal provisions should be observed during installation and operation! Individual parts Metal bowl with base. Fuel container Flame extinguisher 3. Installation and safety instructions Installing the product The installation location is to be selected in such a way that damage to the system by unauthorized persons can be avoided and children and pets cannot have any access to it. Ensure that the surface it stands on is stable, horizontal and not combustible. Put the decorative stones (if present) into the bowl. Only install in a location which is protected from drafts. Install at least 1 meter away from any combustible objects (garden furniture, easily combustible materials and objects)

Danya B. Indoor / Outdoor Portable Tabletop Fire Pit Clean-Burning Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace - Small

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BindingKitchen & Home
BrandDanya B
EAN ListEAN List Element: 0812743024454
LabelDanya B
ManufacturerDanya B
Package DimensionsHeight: 1100; Length: 1100; Weight: 440; Width: 1100
Part NumberSE2130
Product GroupHome
Product Type NameHOME
PublisherDanya B
StudioDanya B
TitleDanya B. Indoor / Outdoor Portable Tabletop Fire Pit Clean-Burning Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace - Small
UPC ListUPC List Element: 812743024454

Easy and economical, the Small Danya B. Indoor / Outdoor Portable Tabletop Fire Pit is a great way to generate warmth in your living space while also adding a touch of sophistication to your ambiance. Modern in every sense of the word, this elegant tabletop fireplace sports a sleek black metal base, a removable cylindrical glass body, and reusable fiberglass for use with ethanol fuel, decorative rocks and a sniffer. Enjoy the ambiance of real fire without the inconvenience of melting wax, smoke, soot, and ash. Prop it indoor or outdoor, on your dinner table, party table or your coffee table-the possibilities are endless!

BRIAN & DANY Tabletop Portable Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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  • Burns 2000 BTUs/hour; Burn time is approximately 1 hour when full filled with Bio Ethanol.
  • The fire pit features tempered glass panes, a sturdy steel base and protective feet.
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It requires no electric, gas, chimney or gel cans; All you have to do is pour bio ethanol fuel in the canister and light; Bio ethanol fuel is not included.
  • Includes a fire killer to adjust and extinguish the flame

Luxury Table Glass Fireplace Approx.16 cm Including1L bio ethanol Table Lamp for a cosy atmosphere

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  • Odourless, no soot and ash, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Includes 1 Litre organic ethanol 96.6%
  • No fireplace connector or chimney is required to run a bio ethanol fireplace.
  • This brazier should not be operated with combustion gel, it should only be run with bio ethanol.

This luxury table fireplace (including 1 Litre of bio ethanol) offers a secure and decorative idea for pure comfort in your home.

You can create a cosy, intimate atmosphere in your living room or also on the terrace with this bio ethanol fireplace.
The table fireplace set is also a great gift idea for your loved ones.

No removal is necessary for the glass fireplace and thanks to the bio ethanol it is odourless and there is no soot and ash.
Using the extinguishing aid you can put out the flames of the glass fireplace safely or even regulate them.

With a frame made from metal and safety glass the table lamp is suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use.
The table fireplace can be used all year round, but it also creates a cosy atmosphere especially during the Advent period.

Material:Metal housing and toughened safety glass:5 mm.
* Incl. Extinguishing aid and 1 litre Bio Ethanol.
* With DIN 4734-1: 2011 standard.
* Measurements: 16.3 x 16.3 x 15 cm.
This brazier should not be operated with combustion gel, it should only be run with bioethanol.

To operate a bio ethanol fireplace no chimney or chimney connection is necessary, because the fuel burns completely residue-free and without soot or annoying odours.

As bioethanol burners are not subject to the regulation on firing plants or subject to authorisation, they can be easily integrated into any home..

* luxury fireplace.
* Table top ethanol fireplace.
* Table Decorative Fire.

Fuel: Bio Ethanol.
Casing:Stainless steel.
Extinguishing aid: Yes.

Before buying an outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace ask yourself these questions and make a list of your requirements:

  • Portable? Do you want to use the fire in different locations? If yes the weight and size needs to be considered. The supplier will quote dimensions and weight.
  • Heat Output? Do you need the heat or is it decorative? The supplier will quote a heat output as part of the sales literature. The heat generated by this type of fire, when used in an open outdoor space will be negligible and for that reason it will be mainly decorative. There are some large fire table available that may quote some heat benefit however the running costs of these will be restrictive to most users. The bigger the burner the more fuel that will be used, with an average cost of £4/liter, if heat is not an issue choosing a smaller burner will reduce the running costs.
  • Safety? The area where the fire will be used needs careful consideration to ensure safe clearances to combustible materials and the fire cannot be knocked over. The unit should also include some method to protect the flame from being touched or being blown by air movement, like glass panels. Outdoors there may be people moving around or children playing therefore the positioning should take this into account.

Read our technical guides listed below for more help choosing an Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace.

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