Guide to Buying a Table Top Bio Ethanol Fire

Purline Selene Tabletop Fireplace

If you are looking for a small bioethanol fire or gel burner to use on table top, inside or outside in the garden, then there are many options and designs available. Bio Ethanol Table Top fires like the Purline Selene fire shown in the image, are designed to be used on a table top. These table top bio ethanol fires tend to be smaller designs in order to ensure they are safe when placed, and used, on a table top. Due to the small size table top fires are mainly for decorative purposes, not giving out lots of heat. When using this style of bio-ethanol fireplace care must be taken to where it will be used to ensure maximum safety. The table top burner must be placed on a stable surface and the chosen table top model should include glass or some other type screen to ensure the flame is protected from being touched and being blown by air movement.

Guide to Buying a Table Top Bio Ethanol Fire

There are many styles of table top bio ethanol fire designs available, we have selected a number of the most popular table top designs below for you to review and consider purchasing. When choosing a table top bio ethanol fire models factors to consider are the oberall cosmetic look, the safety features, heat output and fuel burn time. Choosing the correct table top bio ethanol fire model to match your requirements is important to ensure you are not disappointed with your. purchase. Before buying your new table top bio ethanol fire it is best to draw up a list of your requirements.

Here are a few example questions you may need to consider when choosing the most suitable table top bio ethanol fire product for your needs.

  • Should the Table Top Fire be Portable? Do you want to use the table top bio ethanol fire in different locations, or maybe you want to use it outside? If yes, then the weight and size needs to be considered. The supplier will quote the overall dimensions and weight of the product. There is another page on our website that shows some portable bioethanol fires.
  • Do you require Heat from the Table Top Fire? This is a difficult one as the table top bioethanol fires tend to be very small and so do not really give of any significant heat and are generally decorative. The bioethanol fire supplier will quote a heat output as part of the sales literature. Consider that a heat output of around 3kw is equal to a small radiator. The bigger the burner the more bioethanol fuel it will use and more heat given off. If you do not really need heat go for a smaller burner and you will save £ on your running cost.
  • Are you able to position and use the fire Safely? The area where the fire will be used needs careful consideration to ensure safe clearances to combustible materials and the fire cannot be knocked over. It is sometimes better to pay more for a bioethanol burner that has glass panels as that will protect the flame.

Consider these Table Top Bio Ethanol Fire Models

We have selected a number of bio ethanol table top fire designs below. Select the table top fire that is of interest and you will be taken to a page showing images, technical details, delivery options and a button to place your order.

Safety Features of Table Top Bio Ethanol Fire Models

There are a couple of features of table top bio ethanol fires to consider.

  • Glass Screen – Most higher quality bio ethanol fire table top models will include a glass screen around the burner to protect the flame from air movement, especially outside, and to avoid the flame being accidentally touched. Agood quality example of a bio ethanol fire table top design with safety features is the Planika Chantico.
  • Type of Burner Design – A lot of the very small table top fire models are designed with a gel burner for use with gel fuel cans. This makes the fire safer as gel fuel is very thick and is less likely to be spilt if the fire is knocked. Newer, better quality, bio ethanol fire table top models include ceramic wool sponge in the bio burner with a mesh screen built in to hold it in place. This special ceramic sponge absorbs the liquid bio ethanol fuel and reduces the risk of it being spilt.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace and Gel Burner Technical Pages

There are many different types of bio ethanol table top fires and table top gel burners. To help you chosing the right models read our technical guides listed below for more help choosing an bioethanol fireplace for your home. The best advice is to read the manufacturers installation and operation instructions that are supplied with the bioethanol fireplace or gel fire before you start to use it and before you start handling the fuel. Bioethanol fires and gel burners are a great way to add heat and a living flame to a property. Buy following some common safety procedures you will get the best performance and use out of your fireplace product.

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