Bio Ethanol Wide Wall Fire 1800 x 400 – XXL Bio-Fuel Fireplace

Bio Ethanol Wide Wall Fire 1800 x 400 - XXL Bio-Fuel Fireplace

If you are craving a wide wall fire for your home and do not have a gas supply or chimney there are still many bio ethanol fireplace options to consider. A Bio Ethanol Wide Wall Fire (1800 x 400) does not require a chimney or flue system and operates on clean burning bioethanol fuel bottles and

Bioethanol Fireplace Manufacturers and Retailers

Bio Ethanol Wide Wall Fire 1800 x 400 - XXL Bio-Fuel Fireplace

We’ve gathered together the various Bioethanol Fireplace Manufacturers and Retailers that are displayed on the web site and show these in the table below. Each bioethanol fireplace manufacturer or retailer can supply different styles of bioethanol fire and gel fire. However, some manufacturers focus on low price items like gel burners, bioethanol burner trays and

Flueless Bioethanol Fireplaces, No Chimney Required

Flueless Bioethanol Fireplaces - Corn120L Bioethanol Fireplace 1200 x 450

So you are considering buying a flueless fire for your home? This could be because your home has no chimney or the chimney that is already there needs repair or blocking up. Either way, Flueless Bioethanol Fireplaces are a great solution. First lets define what the word flueless means. A flue can be defined as

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert, Bio Fuel Burner Trays

Bioethanol Fireplace Insert, Bio Burner Trays

Choosing a Bioethanol Fireplace Insert or Bio Burner Fuel Trays to create your own fireplace design or to convert an existing fireplace is easy as long as you follow the guidance on safety and use the manufacturers instructions for installing the bioethanol fireplace insert into the final design. Bioethanol Fireplace Insert and Bio Burner Trays

Round Bio Ethanol Fire Designs – Gel Fire Bowl Burners

Round Bio Ethanol Fire Designs - Stainless Steel Bio Ethanol Round Burner

There are many Round Bio Ethanol Fire and Gel Fire Bowl designs on the market. These can be small, gel fuel fire bowl burner designs that can be used on a table top to large freestanding bio-ethanol fires that can be used as a design feature in a living room. Table top gel fire bowl

Bio Ethanol Fire Grate Burner Designs for Traditional Fireplace

Bio-Ethanol Fire Grate Burner Designs

There are a number of bioethanol fireplace manufacturers who have created designs that emulate a traditional fireplace styling including bio ethanol fire grate or basket burners and bio ethanol wood burning stove designs. These will work with a traditional, old style, fireplace design. A traditional style fireplace is an interior design choice, for instance an

Wood Burner Style Bio-Ethanol Stove Designs

Wood Burner Style Bio-Ethanol Stove Designs

If you crave the look of a wood burning stove however cannot cope with the hassle of buying and storing wood, or cleaning up all the mess then a bio-ethanol stove design could be the answer. These modern stove designs work with eco-friendly bio ethanol fuel and do not need a chimney or flue connection