Planika Pure Flame TV Box Remote Fire


The Planika Pure Flame TV Box Remote Fire is a modern bioethanol fireplace solution of how to include a natural flame fireplace right under your television set. With this contemporary ethanol fireplace design you can enjoy watching your favorite TV show while enjoying charming ambience, and heat, from a real flame fireplace. Mount a TV Above the Fireplace The engineers at Polish bioethanol fireplace Company, Planika, have come up with a solution to a problem that … More …..

Planika PrimeFire Remote Control Bio Ethanol Fires

Planika PrimeFire Automatic Ethanol Burner 1000 mm with Remote Control and Glass Panel

Planika is a Polish Company that specialises in the design and manufacture of both gas and bioethanol fireplaces. Recently Planika have launched a full range of remote control bio-ethanol fire burners that can be used in existing fireplaces or as part of a complete bespoke fireplace design. Remote control bioethanol fireplaces involve complex electronics and safety features and for that reason are anything up to x10 the price of a basic manual bio burner. The … More …..