Chantico Tabletop Bioethanol Fire by Planika Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit

The Chantico Tabletop Bioethanol Fire by Planika is very popular and is designed and manufactured to a high standard, as you would expect from a Planika bioethanol fireplace. The Chantico is a table top bioethanol fire that is made in the EU from durable stainless steel.

Unlike many table top bioethanol fire designs the Chantico Tabletop Bioethanol Fire by Planika has a long bioethanol fuel burning time of up to 5 hours from only 1L of bioethanol fuel. When you are ready to use the bio-ethanol fire you will only need one bio-ethanol fuel bottle to have 5 hours of flame. The tabletop fire also has a 2.5Kw heat output rating and is designed with a glass screen to protect the flame from the wind. The Chantico is designed for use indoors on a table top or use outside in the garden on a table. Perfect for when you are spending some time on the patio or terrace.

An added feature of this modern bioethanol fire design is that the bio-ethanol burner inside the unit already includes ceramic wool matting to reduce the risk of bioethanol fuel spillage. The round bioethanol burner has magnetic feet to help secure it to a metal table top. The Chantico Tabletop Bioethanol Fire by Planika is designed for use with liquid bioethanol fuel only, do not use gel fuel as it will damage the burner inside this quality tabletop fireplace.

The Planika bioethanol fireplace designs are well known in Europe and the product range includes many innovative designs like the Planika PureFlame TV box fireplace and the Planika PrimeFire remote bioethanol burners which are at the high end of the price scale. The Chantico Tabletop Bioethanol Fire by Planika is very popular and at around £200 is worth considering if you want a table top bio-ethanol fireplace design for indoor or outdoor use.

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Tabletop Bioethanol Fireplace – Longest Burning 3,5h -Garden Fire Heater 2,5kW - Indoor/Outdoor – 1L Fuel Inc - Decoration for Balcony - Home and Garden Gift Ideas - Chantico by Planika

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  • ⭐Longest burning time⭐ - 【5h】 when full filled with Bio Ethanol – High amount of heat - 【3kW / 10 000 BTU/h】
  • ⭐High Quality⭐ - Unit is made in EU well-built and durable stainless resistant to weather conditions
  • ⭐Wind and leak proof⭐- Cylidric shape with protective magnetic feets, spillage proof burner with ceramic fiber fuel absorbent
  • ⭐Clean burning⭐- The burning is non-toxic, releases only water vapour along with a small amount of CO2 equivalent to about two regular candles.
  • ⭐Portable⭐- For indoor and outdoor use. It requires no electric, gas, chimney or gel cans.
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