There are many styles of bio-ethanol burner trays or inserts available. This page has some points to consider when choosing a bio-ethanol burner tray.

Guide to Choosing a Bio-Ethanol Burner

Buying a separate bio-ethanol burner may appear a cheaper option or a way to quickly create a DIY fireplace however when choosing a bio-ethanol burner there are important safety issues to consider.

Bio-Ethanol Burner – Safety Features

There are many styled of bio ethanol burner, some are very cheap, others are expensive, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

The type of burner will be dictated by what it is being used. If it is upgrading an existing fireplace some safety features may already exist.

These are some safety features to consider:

  • Spillage Tray – When filling the bio ethanol burner there is always a chance that some fuel may be lost under the burner. If this is able to go under the burner into a void or space there is a chance it will ignite when the burner is lit. Depending on what that void is made of it could be a fire risk. More expensive burners tend to include a spillage tray that the burner sits in to collect this lost fuel.
  • Flame Shut Off – When the bio ethanol burner is alight there has to be a way to shut off the flame. This is normally a lid which is placed over the flame cutting off the oxygen and snuffing out the flame. There are different styles of bio ethanol flame cut off devices that have been created by manufacturers. From a simple lid with a handle to fully sliding lids. Again the quality of the burner will dictate the quality of the type of shut off device that is being used.

Examples of Bio-Ethanol Burner Trays

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Installation of Bio Ethanol Burner

There are many ways that a bio ethanol burner can be installed and used so I cannot go into all of them here but the biggest consideration must always be safety.

  • Fuel should not be able to be spilt.
  • There should be safe clearance distances to combustible materials, for instance things like curtains should not be able to blow around the flame.
  • There should be a safety tray to catch spilt fuel
  • There should be a safe way to shut off the flame.
  • The bio ethanol burner should be made a high quality material that will not degrade with the heat or start to rust.

Examples of Bio-Ethanol Burner Trays

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