Convert a Wood Burning Stove to Bio Ethanol Fuel

Bergamo Simplico - Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Stove Design

If you have an old wood burning stove and are fed up of the mess, smoke and ash or maybe there is a problem with the flue system then maybe converting a Wood Burning Stove to Bio Ethanol Fuel could be the answer. There are a number of environmental issues to consider when using a wood burning stove, especially the smoke issue, which is around 10x more than the emissions you would expect from a similar sized gas fire. Plus wood burning stoves, while being promoted as being energy efficient are not as efficient as a bioethanol fireplace. The reason is that a wood burning stove needs a flue system or chimney to take the smoke outside the building. This also means that heat generated by the fuel is being taken outside.

Bio-ethanol fires are 100% energy efficient as they do not need a chimney and as such all the heat generated from the fuel stays in the room. On a like for like basis on the cost of the heat generated by the fuel there is not much difference in cost, wood is not really anymore cheaper than a bioethanol fuel bottle.

Convert a Wood Burning Stove to Bio Ethanol Fuel

If you decide to convert your wood burning stove to bio ethanol fuel then the easiest way is to buy a bioethanol burner tray (see models below) and place it inside the stove cavity. It order to do that you need to follow a number of safety considerations. Below I have detailed some areas to consider.

There is another alternative, you could just buy a new bioethanol stove design to replace the old wood burning stove. There are a number of models now on the market, these include standard bioethanol stove designs that need to be manually fuelled and managed plus high spec remote control bio ethanol stove designs that are fully automated. Check out the ruby compact bioethanol stove for an example of a remote bioethanol burner.

Buy Bioethanol Stove Designs

Check out these examples of bioethanol stove designs that can be used to replace an old wood burning stove to a modern, 100% energy efficient, no chimney design that uses sustainable bio ethanol fuel bottles. Read the manufacturers installation instructions when replacing the old stove as you will most likely need to block the flue or chimney. Click on the link to be taken to the merchant page showing the technical specifications, finishes and delivery options.

Buy Bioethanol Burner Tray Inserts

Check out these examples of bio ethanol burner trays that can be used to convert a wood burning stove to bioethanol fuel bottles. It is important to check the dimensions of the existing wood burning stove to ensure the burner tray will fit and can be safely filled, lit and extinguished. Click on the link to be taken to the merchant page showing the technical specifications, finishes and delivery options. The tray will also need some form of safety tray to catch any spilt fuel.

Also, check out the bio ethanol fireplace savings page as there are always some good offers on a wide range of bio ethanol fire designs. However, these tend to sell out so make sure you buy as soon as an offer appears that you are interested in. The savings tend to be end of range, special offers, warehouse clearances or last of stock sell offs, hence they go very quickly.

Options to Convert a Wood Burning Stove to Bio Ethanol Fuel

To convert a wood burning stove to use bioethanol fuel bottles there are a number of points which need to be considered. Below are some examples. Above all read the manufacturers instructions for the product you buy to ensure it is installed and used safely.

Swapping to a new Bioethanol Stove

If you have an installed stove then the easiest, and probably safest way to to convert to bioethanol fuel is to buy a product which is already designed and includes all of the installation instructions and user guides to ensure it is installed and used safely. Check out these bioethanol stove designs.

Converting to a Bioethanol Burner tray insert

What may seem like the quickest way is to buy a bioethanol burner tray insert like those shown above and buy some fireplace pebbles or logs to place on the burner to complete the visual appearance however there are some other points that I would check up on before doing this. The stove obviously has a combustion chamber already and should have been originally installed to give correct clearance to combustible material etc however if you did not get the stove installed you should do a full review of what you have already before converting the stove.

  • Check the inside dimensions of the wood burning stove combustion chamber to make sure your chosen bioethanol burner tray fits securely, will not move about and can be safely filled, lit and extinguished.
  • The chosen bioethanol burner tray you buy will need a spillage tray to catch any fuel spills, high quality ethanol burner trays will include this, cheap ones do not.
  • Does the burner tray include ethanol burner wool sponge? This increases the safety and extends the fuel burning time, again cheap burners do not include this.
  • The chimney or flue will need to be blocked, you may need to speak to a installer about getting this done.

Above all if you decide to go down the route of converting the wood burning stove to bioethanol fuel you will need to take great care on how you do it to ensure the final design is safe. Remember that bio ethanol fires have a naked flame and use a liquid fuel source that is highly flammable so the usual safety precautions apply. Take a look at some of our bio fire technical guides as they cover issues like safety, fuel handling and storage, fireplace lighting, shut off and safe use of the burner plus many other subjects.

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Why Change to a BioEthanol Fireplace?

There are number of positives to look at when considering your next fireplace purchase. Buying a Gas, Electric or Wood Burning fireplace from a retailer may involve complicated installation work that can be costly and, especially in the case of wood there are issues over storage of the fuel and the mess caused by the ash. Also, apart from the electric fire, a gas or wood burning fire will need a chimney, something that a lot of modern houses do not have.

Did you know that bioethanol flueless fire designs do not need a chimney or flue system to be used? This means they are perfect for new, modern homes. They are also a great solution for older homes that have a faulty chimney that needs to be repaired. Or you may be looking to block up or remove an existing chimney to reduce your heating bills.

Either way, flueless bioethanol fireplaces are a great, cost effective heating solution for a room where secondary heat is required. They are also good for the environment, unlike burning gas or coal. That is why it is best to look at the options and guides that are shown on the website before making a decision on your next fireplace purchase. Choose a flueless fire, or if you like a, no chimney fire, that uses clean burning bioethanol fuel.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

Read our technical guides listed below for more help choosing an bioethanol fireplace for your home. The best advice is to read the manufacturers installation and operation instructions that are supplied with the bioethanol fireplace or gel fire before you start to use it and before you start handling the fuel. Bioethanol fires and gel burners are a great way to add heat and a living flame to a property. Buy following some common safety procedures you will get the best performance and use out of your fireplace product.


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