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Does Bio Ethanol Fuel Evaporate? Bioethanol fuel fuel or bio gel fuel is denatured alcohol. A flammable liquid created from fermented vegetable waste and similar substances. As such, it is a sustainable energy source with the flame providing heat and light. The bioethanol fuel has an alcohol content of approximately 96%. When the fuel is sealed in a bottle or can it will not evaporate. If the can or bottle is open then it will gradually evaporate. The speed of the evaporation is dictated by the ambient temperature. An open bottle left in an air temperature of 25 degrees C will evaporate faster than one left in 5 degrees C.

The normal reason for asking a question like “Does Bio Ethanol Fuel Evaporate?” is to avoid wasting the fuel. With an average price of between £3-£4 it is best to try and maximise fuel usage. It is unlikely that a person would leave an open bottle of flue unattended due to safety reasons. The biggest waste due to evaporation is unburnt fuel left in the bioethanol burner tray after you have finished with the fire. More…

Does Bio Ethanol Fuel Evaporate?

If you have a 1 Litre burner tray and use only half the fuel before extinguishing the flame the remaining fuel will begin to evaporate due to the residual heat in the burner tray. If then left in the open air after the burner has cooled down the fuel will evaporate gradually. If you are concerned about wasting fuel there are a number of suggestions below.

Buy a bioethanol fire or gel burner that quotes a fuel volume and burn time in line with your usage expectations. A big fire with a large burner tray will require a lot of fuel and will generate lots of heat. If considering a larger bioethanol fireplace choose one with multiple burners then you can limit the heat output and fuel usage depending on your requirements. An example is a XL 3 burner bioethanol fireplace. For more details read our guide to Heat From Bioethanol Burners.

Buy a bioethanol burner that includes ceramic wool sponge. The ceramic wool sponge absorbs the fuel, stabilises the flame and reduces fuel usage. Only use ceramic wool that is designed for use in a bioethanol burner tray and only use it with liquid bio fuel not the thicker gel fuel. Read our guide to Ceramic Wool Sponge for Bioethanol Fires.

Disclaimer: Always read the manufacturers installation and usage instructions provided with your bioethanol fire as it will explain how to use the product safely. Do not modify or change a bioethanol burner or gel burner without first consulting the manufacturer.

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