Guide to Adding Pebbles to a Bio-ethanol Fireplace

Guide to Adding Pebbles to a Bio-ethanol Fireplace

We have written this Guide to Adding Decorative Ceramic Pebbles to a Bio Ethanol Fireplace including decorative coals, logs and stones. Care should be taken when adding aftermarket decorative pebbles, stones, coals, logs etc to a bio-ethanol fire if they have not been supplied with the fire by the manufacturer. Before buying or adding anything to the fire which can affect the flame you should contact the manufacturer of the bio-ethanol fireplace to get their advice on if the fireplace you have is suitable for this type of ceramic decoration.

Guide to Adding Ceramic Pebbles to a Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Adding decorative ceramic pebbles, stones, coals or logs to a bio ethanol fireplace can be desirable as it removes the starkness of the stainless steel bio ethanol burner tray however it is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are two main areas of concern when adding ceramic pebbles to a bio-ethanol fireplace, firstly, the affect they have on the quality of the flame and secondly, if they are able to displaced from the fireplace and roll off when they are hot and burn someone or start a fire.

The reason that a bio-ethanol fire can be used in a room in a home without a chimney, and with minimum ventilation, is that the ethanol fuel burns very cleanly. All products that have an open flame give off emissions like CO, CO2, NOx etc, some fuels are cleaner than others. This is why when burning carbon fuels like natural gas, LPG, Wood or Coal a chimney or flue must be used to draw these emissions away from the fireplace to the outside fresh air to be dispersed and diluted. When the fuel source is alcohol based, which is what bioethanol fuel is, the emission values that are created when it burns are minimal and any additional fresh air that is entering the room via ventilation dilutes these emission further making the fire relatively safe.

Buying Decorative Ceramic Pebbles, Stones, Coals etc

There are many styles of bio fireplace decoration available on the internet from ceramic pebbles, coals, logs and stones. These can be made from different types of material. Some may be safer than others therefore if you are considering adding decorative ceramic pebbles to a bio ethanol fireplace check with the ceramic pebble, stone, log or coal supplier before buying to ensure that they endorse the use of their product on a bio ethanol fireplace. You should also get instructions from the supplier on how the ceramic decoration should be installed and used.

Some fireplace decoration is actual stone chippings or pebbles others are manufactured from fibre compounds and then painted. If decorative ceramic pebbles, coals etc are added to a bio-ethanol fireplace burner and come in direct contact with the flame the emissions that are given off by the burner will be increased and in certain environments be potentially harmful.  The volume of these emissions is governed by the size of the flame and burner, the bigger the burner the higher the emissions.

Bio-ethanol fireplaces are a secondary heat source and are a mainly decorative product chosen to add style, and some extra heat, to a room. When choosing a bio ethanol fireplace there are certain considerations that must be observed like fuel handling and storage, light and extinguishing the flame and any ventilation requirements.

Before using a bio ethanol fire read the manufacturers instructions to become aware of the safety requirements of the fire. Included in the booklet the manufacturer may indicate if decorative ceramic pebbles can or cannot be used. If in doubt you should always read the bio ethanol fireplace manufacturers instructions which were delivered with the fire or contact the manufacturer and ask if they advise using ceramic pebbles or other decorative stones, logs or coals with the product before ordering. If deciding to add ceramic pebbles to a bio ethanol burner which was not supplied with the fireplace then it is best to ensure they are placed around the flame, but not actually touching it.

decorative ceramic fireplace pebbles
decorative ceramic fireplace pebbles

The decorative ceramic fireplace pebbles, logs, stones or coals should also be placed in a way that ensures they cannot roll off the fire onto the floor. By taking care on the positioning it should be possible to make the the fire continue to burn very cleanly and how the manufacturer designed the bio fire to operate.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

Read our technical guides listed below for more help choosing an bioethanol fireplace for your home. The best advice is to read the manufacturers installation and operation instructions that are supplied with the bioethanol fireplace or gel fire before you start to use it and before you start handling the fuel. Bioethanol fires and gel burners are a great way to add heat and a living flame to a property. Buy following some common safety procedures you will get the best performance and use out of your fireplace product.

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