Guide to Ceramic Wool Sponge Use in a Bioethanol Burner

Ceramic sponge wool for use in bioethanol Burners and Bioethanol fireplaces

Buying ceramic wool sponge for your bio ethanol burner tray can increase safety and reduce bio ethanol fuel usage. Today, most high specification bio ethanol burner trays already include the ceramic wool sponge. When your bio ethanol burner is off and cooled down you can identify whether your bioethanol burner has the ceramic wool sponge already by looking into the flame slot on the top of the burner. The ceramic wool sponge is white. In some bioethanol burner trays the full burner has the wool and the burner slot will have a mesh to keep it in place. On other burners the tray has half wool the tray with wool and the main burner slot is empty.

The best way to think of the ceramic sponge is that it works in the same way as an old old oil lamp wick would work. The wick is placed into the liquid fuel and it absorbs the fuel and the flame burns from the wick. Adding bioethanol fireplace ceramic sponge to your bioethanol burner tray, especially if it is a cheaper burner without it already installed, will increase the safety of the bioethanol burner, stabalise the flame and reduce fuel usage eg saving you money.

Most better quality bio-ethanol burner inserts are now sold with ceramic wool matting installed, but there are still cheap bio ethanol burners on the market that do not. Or maybe you have an old bioethanol burner and you want to upgrade it by adding the ceramic wool sponge to the tray and improve performance. To upgrade your existing bioethanol burner tray with the ceramic wool sponge use the links below.

Where to Buy Ceramic Wool Sponge for Bioethanol Burners

Use the links below to buy the ceramic wool sponge from online suppliers.

There are a number of suppliers available online offering the ceramic sponge wool specifically for this application. Also, at the cost of not much more than a couple of bottles of fuel you can reduce the overall fuel usage of your bioethanol burner, saving money. Most suppliers offer a specific size that can be cut down using scissors (wear gloves when you handle the wool). Before buying the ceramic wool sponge measure your burner tray, the price depends on the size of the wick. Buy a smaller piece of ceramic wool sponge as the excess will be thrown away. Choose a supplier who offers a size of ceramic sponge that fits your burner tray.

Guide to Ceramic Wool Sponge Use in Bio Ethanol Burners

When I was designing bioethanol fireplaces one of the problems I noticed was that the burner tray would naturally get hot during the operation of the fire and this in turn caused the ethanol fuel to vent off faster than it was being burnt. eg evaporate. The problem also existed when the ethanol burner was shut off. This causes the running costs to be exaggerated. Read my guide to bio ethanol fireplace running costs for more details on that subject. The solution I found was to use ceramic wool fibre matting in the bio ethanol burner tray, basically creating a wick, to absorb the fuel. By doing a number of trials it showed that the fuel lasted longer, the fuel capacity of the tray was reduced, the flame became stable and overall running costs reduced.

Now you can do the same as the ceramic wool sponge is readily available on the market to buy, and it is cheap, see below. For the cost of just over the price of a fuel bottle you can increase the safety of your product and start saving on fuel costs. However, note this cannot be any old foam or sponge, it should be properly approved ceramic wool sponge for use within a bio ethanol burner tray. Read the ceramic wool supplier technical data sheet and installation instructions, ensuring that what you are buying is suitable for this type of application. Do not handle the ceramic wool without wearing gloves.

Advantages of using the Ceramic Sponge In Bioethanol Burners

Here is a summary of what advantages I noticed when the bioethanol fireplace ceramic wool sponge is used in a burner tray.

  1. Ceramic wool sponge reduces the overall bio ethanol fuel capacity of the tray to a safer level.
  2. Extends the running time and therefore reduces the cost of using the bio ethanol fireplace overall.
  3. Reduces the amount of fuel that vents off due to heat and again this reduces fuel use and cost.
  4. Improves the safety as the fuel is absorbed by the ceramic wool sponge. This is most effective when using a portable fire for example a table top bio ethanol fireplace or outdoor bio ethanol fireplace. If no ceramic sponge wool is used any unburnt fuel will likely get spilt when the fire is moved. This will be dramatically reduced with the ceramic sponge in the burner.
  5. The flame seems to be more stable when the bio ethanol fire is alight with the ceramic wool sponge added to the ethanol burner tray.
Ceramic sponge wool for use in bioethanol Burners and Bioethanol fireplaces
Ceramic sponge wool for use in bioethanol Burners and Bioethanol fireplaces

Ceramic Sponge Wool and Gel Fires

Personally, I would not use the ceramic wool sponge with a gel fuel, only with bioethanol fuel. There is a difference to how the gel fuel and bioethanol fuel looks and burns, if you are unsure read my guide to the differences between bioethanol fuel and gel fuel.

Read our technical guides listed below for more help choosing an bioethanol fireplace for your home. The best advice is to read the manufacturers installation and operation instructions before you start handling the fuel or using the fire.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

Read our technical guides listed below for more help choosing an bioethanol fireplace for your home. The best advice is to read the manufacturers installation and operation instructions that are supplied with the bioethanol fireplace or gel fire before you start to use it and before you start handling the fuel. Bioethanol fires and gel burners are a great way to add heat and a living flame to a property. Buy following some common safety procedures you will get the best performance and use out of your fireplace product.

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