There are many styles of Wall Mounted Bio-ethanol Fireplaces available with many different attributes like size, number of burners and finishes. These are a cosmetic choice of the buyer however there is an important consideration when looking at the installation of the fireplace. If you are considering choosing a wall mounted bio-fire then it may be helpful to read this Guide to Installing Wall Mounted Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces first.

Installing Wall Mounted Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

Some factors which need to be considered when you decide how to go about installing wall mounted bio-ethanol fireplace is how the heat is radiated from the product and also if the product is sealed to avoid spillages etc.

Installing On the Wall or In the Wall?

Some of the models available on the market can be mounted within the wall and this means that a fireplace opening will need to be constructed of fire retardant materials within the wall of the house.  This type of wall mounted bio-ethanol fireplace has a more contemporary design style as the final fireplace is flush with the wall. This makes the fireplace a permanent structure within the property.

Some older properties may already have an old chimney or fireplace opening that can be blocked up but in most modern houses the chimney does not exist. Therefore, if choosing a within the wall model checking is the property is suitable and also the location where it will be fitted are important.

If the within the wall style is too much trouble(or cost) to consider then there are other models available which can be installed mounted directly on to the wall. The obvious down side of this type of installation is that the fireplace will stick out into the room. This makes the location where it will be mounted important. For example it should not be near a doorway where people can walk into it and be injured. With that in mind, if the correct location is chosen this style of bio-ethanol fireplace can be a great addition to the look and setting of a room.

The actual design of the chosen wall mounted bio-ethanol fireplace will decide which installation method that you must use therefore check with the supplier or manufacturer before buying.

Consider These Wall Mounted Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

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