Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater Bio Ethanol Fireplace Torch

Höfats Spin - Outdoor Patio Heater, Table Fire, Lantern Torch, Bio Fireplace

Outdoor living is becoming more popular, whether it is for a home or a commercial property, like a public house or restaurant there are now new modern solutions for outside heating on a terrace, patio or on a table top with different design options available. In the past the only options for outdoor heating were old technology like a gas patio heater or a wood burning fire pit. These old outdoor heater designs are not practical for some locations, burning wood is not an option at a commercial property and gas patio heaters are bulky, need to be moved, kept secure and covered in winter. In response to the growing market a number of European bio ethanol fireplace have started to develop new sustainable heating options. One such solution is the Höfats Spin as seen in the image. This outdoor patio heater can be used to provide heat, and light, on a table top, on a terrace or as a lantern. What makes this bio ethanol fire unique is the dramatic spinning flame that is protected by a glass tube.

The Höfats Spin outdoor patio heater fire is perfect for use at home or at a commercial property. The Hofats Spin is a modern table top bio ethanol fuel fireplace bio ethanol burner which can be converted into outdoor lantern fire with the option extra accessories. The table top version is approved for indoor or outdoor use. Designed with a fascinating whirling flame that is protected by a decorative glass cylinder the table top version has a solid base. The Höfats Spin is available in either a gold or stainless steel finishes and will burn for 1.5 hours.

This modern bio fire conjures up a campfire atmosphere on your table. See the image gallery before for suggested usages for the Hofats Spin and use the links below to place your order for this modern, exciting, indoor or outdoor bio ethanol fire design.

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Start enjoying some outdoor heating at your home or commercial property. We have provided links below to allow you to buy the Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater with various buying options. Click on the buy button to be taken to the merchant page, review the details and place your order.

Review the price links above in order to buy the Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater Bio Ethanol Fireplace Torch. For another high quality table top bioethanol fire see the Chantico glassfire which is round with a glass tube to protect the flame and a high quality burner.

Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater Bio Ethanol Fireplace Features

Depending on the chosen model, table top or lantern, the Höfats Spin patio heater bio fire design can be converted, with optional extras at a later date if required. If buying the table top bio fire version it is approved for use indoor and outside. The lantern version is for outdoor use only. The bio ethanol fuel is burned from a can in the fire, buying extra cans can mean you can refuel and relight the fire easily. To stop the fire put the lid on and it will snuff out the flame. The outdoor garden lantern fire version, or torch fire, is supplied with a ground spike that can be adjusted to various heights.

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Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater

The Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater adds a contemporary design feature to any outdoor living area. The table top version can be used to provide both heat and light outside. By following basic safety rules for handling the fuel and using the bio fuel fire this could be an excellent solution for todays outdoor living requirements. Always read the manufacturers instructions fully before using the bio ethanol fire. The Höfats Spin can add an outdoor heating feature unlike that used at other properties.

Using a gas patio heater involves handing gas bottles and possibly moving the heaters when not required. Gas patio heaters could be too big to be brought indoors and therefore must be covered in bad weather and could be easily damaged by wind if not secured. The Höfats Spin patio heater table top bioethanol fire can be easily brought inside and then taken outside for use when needed.

Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater Bio Ethanol Fireplace Torch Product Card

BRIAN & DANY Tabletop Portable Bio Ethanol Fireplace, Indoor/ Outdoor Table Top Fire Pit with Fire Killer, Black

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as of 15/06/2022 15:20


  • 【Portable】It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 37,6cm, Base: 30cm, Item Weight: 4.5kg.
  • 【Unparalleled Design】This bio fireplace is well-built and durable, with tempered glass panes. After a few minutes of lighting, the flame will start to create a beautiful and surprising 'tornado' effect.
  • 【Windproof】Four windshields guarantee your safety in a breezy environment. Burn time is 45-60 minutes when full filled with fuel (depending on room temperature and climate)
  • 【Easy to Use】It requires no electric, gas, chimney or gel cans; All you have to do is pour bio ethanol fuel in the canister and light.
  • 【ATTENTION】 Bio ethanol fuel NOT included. Includes: 1 × Fireplace, 1 × Wick, 1 × Fire Killer, 1 × Manual.

To place your order for the Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater Bio Ethanol Fireplace Torch use the buy now button above to be taken to the retailer online store to arrange payment and delivery. Also review the other table top bio ethanol fireplace designs.

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