How Long Does 1 Litre of Bioethanol Fuel Last

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A question which regularly appears on the contact form is How Long Does 1 Litre of Bioethanol Fuel Last? Unfortunately there is not a one one fits all answer. I may be correct to assume the reason for asking this question is to reduce the running costs. To get an understanding of how the question is answered you first need to know how a bioethanol fire works.

Bioethanol fires or gel burners are fuelled by denatured alcohol, a flammable liquid made from processed vegetation. The liquid burns at the surface. The fuel burns at a rate depending on the design of the burner. If you read a resent post, how much heat does a bioethanol fire produce  you will see that the rate of fuel burn is related to the surface area of the burner. A very small burner, with a round cup style burner will have a small flame, minimum heat output and the fuel will last a longtime. A big bioethanol ribbon burner that is 1000mm with will have a bigger flame area and will burn the fuel very quickly.

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How Long Does 1 Litre of Bioethanol Fuel Last

I looked at some of the models advertised. A small 1 Litre burner with a 2.5Kw heat output quoted a fuel burn time of two hours. In that instance the burner has a burn rate of 0.5L/Hour providing 2.5Kw of heat. Another burner that has a long flame quoted a capacity of 3 Litre, a burn time of 3 hours and a heat output of 7Kw. In this instance the product has a fuel burn rate of 1L/Hour providing 7Kw of heat.

Read our post of bioethanol fireplace running costs for more information on this subject.

When choosing a bioethanol fireplace or gel burner fire you need a clear picture of what you want to achieve. If it is heat then you will need a big burner and the fuel will burn quickly. If you only require a visual product with minimal heat then choose a small burner and the fuel will last a longer time.

Before choosing a bioethanol fireplace check the manufacturers specification. A company with high quality products will quote running costs, tray volume, heat output and running times.

Always read the manufacturers installation and usage instructions provided with your bioethanol fire as it will explain how to use the product safely.

In summary, How Long Does 1 Litre of Bioethanol Fuel Last? It depends on the bioethanol burner design.

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