How Much Heat Does a Bioethanol Fire Produce

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How Much Heat Does a Bioethanol Fire Produce is a question that is often asked via the contact form. All bioethanol fireplace, or gel fire burners, produce heat. There is a live flame and the obvious result of the flame is heat. How to quantify the amount of heat is the difficult part. Most high quality bioethanol fireplace brands will quote the heat output, in Kw, of the product they are selling. Check the technical details of the product.

The heat from a bioethanol fireplace or gel burner is proportional to the size of the slot in the burner. A rough estimate is that a burner with a slot of 300mm x 20mm will generate around 3Kw of heat. If the surface are is smaller, then less heat, if it is larger, then more heat. For instance if you buy a large bioethanol ribbon burner that is around 1000mm wide then you can expect anything around 6Kw to 8Kw from the burner. The question should be –  “how much heat do I need from a bioethanol fire?” I will try to answer this below.

How Much Heat Does a Bioethanol Fire Produce

Bioethanol fireplaces, gel burners, alcohol fires are all the same. They burn denatured alcohol fuel generating a flame and heat. They are classed as a secondary heat source. Indoors, they should only be used to supplement a primary heat source like central heating. The heat that is generated can be used to raise the ambient temperature of the room to a more comfortable level. For example from 18 degrees to 22 degrees.

For the bioethanol fire to be able to raise the temperature of the room by four degrees it depends on two factors. The heat output of the bioethanol burner and the size of the room. A small room will heat up faster than a large room. To take a simplistic view is that a 3Kw bioethanol burner is similar to adding an extra small radiator to a room.

If you need varying amounts of heat the best buying solution could be a bioethanol fire with multiple burners. For instance on XL bioethanol fireplace with 3 burners should generate between 3Kw to 9Kw of heat. By having three burners you can decide if you want to light all three burners at the same time for maximum heat, or only one. This solution is not possible with a wide bioethanol ribbon burner.

If burning bioethanol or gel fuel outside then you can only expect a moderate amount of heat as it is diluted by the ambient outside air. Again the volume of heat relates to the size of burner. You would not expect a small table top bioethanol burner used outside to generate the same heat as a large wood burning fire pit. The fire pit has a larger volume of fuel and surface area.

Always read the manufacturers installation and usage instructions provided with your bioethanol fire as it will explain how to use the product safely.

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