How to Hang Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fire

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If you are considering buying a high efficiency fireplace for your home then a bioethanol fireplace is a good solution. There are many design styles of bio fire to consider one of the easiest to install, as a permanent feature in a room is a wall mounted bioethanol fire. How to Hang Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fire is a question that is often asked by website visitors. On this page we will give some general considerations. Due to the many design styles there can be specific install requirements related to the chosen product.

Below are a number if suggestions on How to Hang Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fire. Before starting, always read the manufacturers installation and usage instructions provided with your bioethanol fire as it will explain how to install and use the product safely. The user manual overrides anything stated below.

How to Hang Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fire

How to Hang Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fire:

  1. The wall that the wall mounted fire will be fitted to must be able to hold the weight of the product. It is unlikely that rawl plugs into a plasterboard wall will be suitable. The product needs to be secured to a brick wall or to the wooden battens within a stud wall.
  2. The fire location must be chosen to ensure that there is safe clearances to all combustible materials. Items like curtains must not be able to get within the stated safe distance of the fire.
  3. Care needs to be taken when filling and lighting the fire.
  4. For additional safety choose a product with a safety tray built in and with a glass screen to provide protection from the flame. Companies like Kratki advertise the bioethanol fireplaces with TUV approval that gives you extra confidence that the product has been built to a european design standard. Check Kratki bioethanol fires.
  5. Read the manufacturers installation instructions before installing or using the product.

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