How to Make Bioethanol Fuel Last Longer

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How to Make Bioethanol Fuel Last Longer is a question that is often asked. This is possibly due to the cost of bioethanol fuel bottles. Another question may be how to make bioethanol fires of ethanol burners more efficient. Improving efficiency of a bioethanol burner involves avoiding waste both of the fuel and the heat generated. Below are a number if suggestions on How to Make Bioethanol Fuel Last Longer.

How to Make Bioethanol Fuel Last Longer

Always read the manufacturers installation and usage instructions provided with your bioethanol fire as it will explain how to use the product safely. It may also include specific details on how to make the bioethanol fuel last longer.

Bioethanol fuel is denatured alcohol. Only fill the tray with the amount of fuel that you intend to use on that day, unburnt fuel will gradually evaporate increasing waste. This is easy to achieve with a smaller bioethanol burner tray. Note that some bioethanol fires will not function properly unless you fill the tray to the volume stated by the manufacturer.

If the bioethanol burner does not include ceramic wool sponge then you may be able to add this and improve fuel usage. Read our guide to adding ceramic wool sponge to a bioethanol burner. If buying a new burner then consider a higher specication product that includes the ceramic wool as standard.

Try using the burner with a reduced fuel surface area. Some rectangular bioethanol burners have a sliding lid, try partially closing the lid as it will reduce the flame and the bioethanol fuel usage. On burners with a round dish some companies sell a blanking plate made of stainless steel to do the same thing.

Do not use the bioethanol burner in a place where the flame can be easily disturbed. I have found that if the flame gets blown about it tends to use the fuel faster. A product with a glass panel will protect the user from the flame but will also protect the flame from air movement.

Only buy a bioethanol fire that provides the volume heat you require. For instance a wide bioethanol burner may appear to have a wider glamorous flame but that will also mean higher heat output and volumes of fuel usage. If you do not need lots of heat then buy a smaller burner as that will avoid fuel wastage and keep running costs lower.

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