Outdoor Heating Solutions for Garden, Terrace and Patio

Outdoor heating solutions for the garden, terrace and patio are listed below based on the fuel type. Each fuel has positive and negative attributes therefore it is best to first decide which fuel is best suited to your requirements.

Wood burning outdoor heating – this provides the opportunity for the most heat but also requires permanent monitoring therefore it is not best suited for use at a commercial premises but can be considered to be used at home.

Bioethanol outdoor heating – green energy, eco friendly, like wood burning there is a live open flame therefore possibly not best suited for use at a commercial property.

Gas outdoor heating – Simple, easy to use, and cost effective, probably the best all round solution for home or commercial premises.

Electric outdoor heating – the simplest and possibly the safest form of outdoor heating. If using the heating outside in an area occupied by children this is most likely the way to look.

There is a separate website which focuses on outdoor heating. The links are below.

Outdoor Heating Solutions (by fuel type)

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