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Planika is a Polish Company that was established in the early 2000’s. From early beginnings the Planika Company has grown into a major bioethanol fireplace brand with offices around Europe and the USA. Unlike a number of bioethanol fireplace manufacturers Planika have focussed their design and production on modern styled and quality made bio-fires. Today, Planika specialise in developing innovative new bioethanol products that include extra features not seen on many other ethanol fire products. The latest Planika ethanol products include the modern Planika Pure Flame TV Box Remote Fire that is designed so that a TV can be used with the fireplace, and the Planika Prime Fire Remote Control Bio Ethanol Burners (shown above) that are available in two sizes, 700mm and 1000mm, and have a glamorius ribbon of flame.

Planika ethanol fire products regularly feature in our best sellers list. This is due to the high specification and build quality. Other Planika models to consider are the Planika Cantico table top burner, the Planika Prime fire, the Planika Rondo ethanol fire and the Planika Lincoln ethanol fire. Review the latest featured bioethanol fire models below. Also, you can use this link to view the full range of Planika fire on Amazon.

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Review the links displayed below to buy you new Planika bioethanol fireplace from online stores. Click on the link of your chosen planika ethanol fire model to be taken to the merchant page to place your order and arrange delivery. Shown below the Planika products, there are links to current bio ethanol fire savings, other bioethanol fireplace manufacturers and also a list of the different types of bio ethanol fireplace designs.

Planika – Bio Ethanol Fireplace Models

The latest designs of planika bio ethanol fires are among the most contemporary and innovative on the market. Also buying a planika ethanol fireplace means you are buying a European product built to EU design standards. The planika bio ethanol fires and planika ethanol fireplace designs have a number of safety features missing on cheaper  bio ethanol fire designs. Along with a wide range of standard bio-ethanol fireplaces Planika also specialise in manufacturing bespoke bioethanol fireplaces made to customer order and specification.

The latest planika remote control bioethanol burners are designed so there is no direct contact between the ethanol fuel and the flame giving a clean combustion process with natural, golden flames and a longer burning time.The remote control bio-ethanol burner models that are made by Planika have an advanced microprocessor overseeing the operation of the fireplace and include a number of safety features including multiple safety sensors (temperature sensor, tilt sensor, child lock, CO2 sensor, overfill sensor) and are Smart Home system compatible. When you buy a Planika bioethanol fireplace you are buying a high quality product that includes innovative design features and quality manufacturing. Check out the Planika bio-ethanol fires below.

More Bioethanol Fireplace Manufacturers like Planika

Shown below are a selection of pages displaying bio ethanol fuel and gel burner products from other online suppliers like Planika. Use the main menu to view the complete supplier list. Click on the name of the manufacturer you are interested in and you will be taken to a page displaying all of the other bioethanol fireplace products that they currently have available to buy online. Also, review the menu at the top for savings on bio ethanol products, new bio ethanol product launches and details of the best selling bio ethanol fires. In the main menu you will also find links to the numerous technical pages and guides we have written about gel burner, bioethanol fireplace and bio fuel usage, safety and installation.

Bioethanol Fireplace Tech Explained

Bioethanol fireplace, ethanol fire burner and gel fire designs are a great way to add secondary heat to a room. Most models are easy to use and relatively cheap to buy however some models are built in or wall mounted and will require additional cost for installation and there are also a number of safety issues to consider. Flueless bioethanol fire models do not need a chimney or flue pipe making installation cheaper than a traditional gas or wood burning fire. This web site has been set up as source of helpful information, basic advice and also technical help on choosing and using bio-ethanol fireplaces and gel burners. To ensure maximum safety always read the manufacturers instructions supplied with the product before using any bioethanol fireplace or gel fire in your home.

There are a number of differences between bioethanol and gel fuel which also need to be considered. Hopefully our site will give you some additional information to allow you to choose the correct type of bio-ethanol fireplace for your home. We have a number of bioethanol fire technical help pages and a bioethanol fireplace shop page that displays the various products. Online there are many different web stores and sites that promote their own individual products however on our site we will try to show various suppliers of the similar products to allow the user to view comparison prices and to see if a better deal is possible. We choose products from sites like Amazon, Ebay and other online retailers. We have chosen these because they have the best consumer controls in place to give the buyer protection.

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