Planika Pure Flame TV Box Remote Bioethanol Fire

The Planika Pure Flame TV Box Remote Fire is a modern bioethanol fireplace solution of how to include a natural flame fireplace right under your television set. With this contemporary ethanol fireplace design you can enjoy watching your favorite TV show while enjoying charming ambience, and heat, from a real flame fireplace.

Mount a TV Above the Fireplace

The engineers at Polish bioethanol fireplace Company, Planika, have come up with a solution to a problem that has plagued architects and interior designers for years, how to mount a TV above a fireplace without the heat from the fire damaging the TV set. The Planika Pure Flame TV Box is a tested construction that ensures that heat-sensitive objects can be put on top of the TV Box, basically combining the features of a modern bioethanol fireplace and the functionality of a TV cabinet.

This remote control bioethanol fire design does not require any chimney or main utility fuel supply making it perfect for modern homes and apartments. The fireplace includes a fully operational remote control bioethanol burner tray insert that is housed within a self contained combustion chamber. The unit is suitable to place a TV above making a very contemporary design choice for your living space. Buy the Planika Pure Flame TV Box below and save on highstreet prices.

Planika Pure Flame TV Box Remote Bioethanol Fire

Along with the modern cabinet design is a remote control bioethanol burner and a completely new way to refuel the fireplace. All you have to do is to insert a new bioethanol fuel container with no manual pumping or splashes. The fireplace will automatically supply the burner with fuel from the container which is hidden behind the left door of the cabinet. Finally, sit back and control the flame using the remote handset, just like your TV, without the need to get up from the couch.

Buy Planika Pure Flame TV Box Remote Bioethanol Fire

About Planika bioethanol fires

Planika is a Polish Company that specialises in the design and manufacture of both gas and bioethanol fireplaces. Recently Planika have launched a full range of remote control bio-ethanol fire burners that can be used in existing fireplaces or as part of a complete bespoke fireplace design. Remote control bioethanol fireplaces involve complex electronics and safety features and for that reason are anything up to x10 the price of a basic manual bio burner. Check out the Planika PrimeFire remote bioethanol burners that are available in different sizes, finishes and installation styles. The Planika PrimeFire burners include a number of safety features like Temperature sensor, Overheating sensor, Overflow sensor and a Child lock. Review the full range of modern styled Planika bioethanol fires.

Planika – Bioethanol Fireplace Models

The latest designs of planika bio ethanol fires are among the most contemporary and innovative on the market. Also buying a planika ethanol fireplace means you are buying a European product built to EU design standards. The planika bio ethanol fires and planika ethanol fireplace designs have a number of safety features missing on cheaper  bio ethanol fire designs. Along with a wide range of standard bio-ethanol fireplaces Planika also specialise in manufacturing bespoke bioethanol fireplaces made to customer order and specification.

The latest planika remote control bioethanol burners are designed so there is no direct contact between the ethanol fuel and the flame giving a clean combustion process with natural, golden flames and a longer burning time.The remote control bio-ethanol burner models that are made by Planika have an advanced microprocessor overseeing the operation of the fireplace and include a number of safety features including multiple safety sensors (temperature sensor, tilt sensor, child lock, CO2 sensor, overfill sensor) and are Smart Home system compatible. When you buy a Planika bioethanol fireplace you are buying a high quality product that includes innovative design features and quality manufacturing. Check out the Planika bio-ethanol fires below.

Remote Control Bioethanol Fire Burners Explained

The basic concept is the same as a normal bioethanol burner, there is fuel, this is lit and a flame appears. But there is a lot of actual technology behind how remote bioethanol burners work. The fuel is stored in a tank under the burner and they can store a lot more bioethanol fuel in the tank reducing the need to keep refilling. These bio fires also normally include safety features and safety sensors that do not exist on a manual bio burner.

When the handset is used to start the remote fire an electronic pump carries the fuel from the storage tank injects the fuel into a long burner tube. There is an electronic spark system which then ignites the fuel and the flame appears. When the remote fire is shut down the pump stops and the flame goes out. From what I know there is no way to adjust flame height but no doubt someone will be working on introducing this in the future. There are only a small number of suppliers who make remote control bioethanol burners. As they involve electronics and safety features they are not as cheap as the mass produced manual style burners. The Planika PrimeFire range is shown below. Choose the burner width that interests you.

More Featured Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Designs

Buy a Complete Remote Bioethanol Fireplace or Just a Burner?

Some companies sell just the remote control bioethanol burner tray. This must then be used in a fireplace opening that is designed by either the manufacturer of the burner tray or as a complete system of burner and enclosure. In some locations, if designed correctly, they can be used outdoors, but mainly these are large contemporary fires that are best suited to large rooms or commercial properties like a hotel lobby. Some of the remote bioethanol burners on the market are sold as a standard products but there are other companies who will offer a full bespoke design service working with an architect and installer to provide a custom made, one off, fireplace.

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