Portable Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Designs

Portable Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Designs

There are a number of bio ethanol fuel fireplace manufacturers who have created designs that are small enough to be portable. In order to be portable the fire needs to be small with a weight that allows it to be picked up and carried. Check the manufacturer specification sheet to see what weight the product is, and make sure you will be comfortable with the weight, before buying. If the product is advertised as portable it will mean the fire can be moved to different locations both inside, and outside, to provide heat wherever it may be required. For instance a small table top bio-ethanol fire can be taken outside and used in a garden on summer evenings. In fact outdoor bio-ethanol fireplaces and outdoor gel fires are often seen outside on terraces, patios and being used as a temporary fire pit.

Portable Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Designs

The portable bio fuel fires range in design style and size from very small gel fire bowl designs to larger rectangular firebox designs. When buying and using a portable bio-ethanol fire or portable gel fire there needs to be careful consideration of the safety aspects of moving the fire and selecting a safe location that will not cause damage or injury. The portable fire must be located away from combustible materials and in a safe way that it cannot be knocked over or someone can walk into it. For this reason it is worth considering a portable bio fuel design that includes glass screens to add protection around the flame. Read our guide to bioethanol fireplace safety for some guidelines.

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Some examples of Portable Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Designs can be seen below, click on the link to read more about the technical specification and the purchasing terms and conditions. You can then place your order.

Portable Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Safety

As with most bio ethanol fireplaces and gel burner fires they are relatively cheap to buy, easy to use and a quick way to introduce a little bit of secondary heat source and atmosphere to a room or outdoor living space, however there are also a number of safety issues that need to also be considered. Overall bio-ethanol fires and gel fires are considered a decorative, secondary, heat source, especially some of the smaller gel burners. However, today there are more and more larger and wider burners being sold, including large bioethanol ribbon burners, and, as with any product that has a live flame, safety needs to be observed.  Bio-ethanol fires have a live flame, give off heat and are fueled by a flammable liquid. This means that great care needs to be observed for storing bioethanol fuel, handling bioethanol fuel, using a bioethanol fire and providing protection from the flame.

When the fire is portable more safety consideration need to be observed. Some key factors include positioning the fire so that all combustible materials are at a safe distance from the fire – for example curtains, carpets or cushions. Consider buying a bioethanol fire or gel burner that includes a glass screen to protect the flame from drafts and from people getting to close to the flame. When buying check to see if your chosen model includes some form of flame protection. Never move the fire while it is still lit, hot or with fuel in the chamber. Bio-ethanol fireplace fuel and gel burner fuel is highly flammable and should be handled and stored with careful consideration. First, read the manufacturers instructions that were supplied with the bio-ethanol fireplace.  If you do not have this document then it is best to contact the manufacturer and ask for a copy before using the fire.

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Why Change to a BioEthanol Fireplace?

There are number of positives to look at when considering your next fireplace purchase. Buying a Gas, Electric or Wood Burning fireplace from a retailer may involve complicated installation work that can be costly and, especially in the case of wood there are issues over storage of the fuel and the mess caused by the ash. Also, apart from the electric fire, a gas or wood burning fire will need a chimney, something that a lot of modern houses do not have.

Did you know that bioethanol flueless fire designs do not need a chimney or flue system to be used? This means they are perfect for new, modern homes. They are also a great solution for older homes that have a faulty chimney that needs to be repaired. Or you may be looking to block up or remove an existing chimney to reduce your heating bills. Either way, flueless bioethanol fireplaces are a great, cost effective heating solution for a room where secondary heat is required. They are also good for the environment, unlike burning gas or coal. That is why it is best to look at the options and guides that are shown on the website before making a decision on your next fireplace purchase. Choose a flueless fire, or if you like a, no chimney fire, that uses clean burning bioethanol fuel.