Quotation Request for Bespoke Custom Made Bio Ethanol Fires

Having worked in the fireplace industry for many years, including owning my own UK Gas and Bioethanol fireplace manufacturing and retail units, I have a number of contacts within the industry where I am able to pass on enquiries for Bespoke Custom Made Bio Ethanol Fires. This process normally involves using one of a wide range of bioethanol burner inserts that come in various sizes up to 2000mm wide and then combining the burner with either a standard enclosure, a single or double sided enclosure, or making a completely new, bespoke bioethanol fireplace design to fit in with requirements onsite during a development project. Note that not all of the large bioethanol burner inserts are shown on this web site, these are reserved for use in special development projects.

If you would like to make a Quotation Request for Bespoke Custom Made Bio Ethanol Fires then, in the first instance, I need to gather as much information on the project from the start, including all of your contact details, so I can pass this on to the sales and design team at the factory who will consider the request, contact you and then take the project forward.

A typical example of a project would be for a new home property, or maybe a commercial property like a hotel, where a stunning, contemporary bioethanol fireplace design is required to create a statement within a room. This may involve using a remote control bioethanol burner with a custom made enclosure, maybe this would be double sided so it can be viewed from both sides within a room. There are many options open but the best way to progress this is to first, tell me what you are planning, fill in all your details below, then I will consider the request and pass it on to the manufacturer.

Quotation Request for Bespoke Custom Made Bio Ethanol Fires

Complete this form with all of the required details. If you do not provide a phone number, email and tick the box giving your consent to pass on your enquiry I will be unable to help you due to privacy restrictions.


Please note, that if you do not fill in all your details, tick the box, and tell me about your requirements I will be unable to pass the enquiry on.

The Cost Implications.

A bespoke custom made bioethanol fireplace will not be a quick or cheap fix. Generally the design and quotation process involves a number of design hours and negotiations on pricing and delivery. This work has cost implications that will be passed on in the quote. A Quotation Request for Bespoke Custom Made Bio Ethanol Fire should only be made if there is a significant budget to cover the design requirements and a timescale to allow the product to be custom manufactured.