Rectangle Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit

This ethanol fireplace is proving to be very popular with customers, mainly due to the relatively low pricing and the product being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This modern tabletop bioethanol fire design includes a stainless steel insert bio burner within a black rectangular casing with tempered glass on both sides of the burner. The glass helps to provide some protection from the flame. The ethanol firebox insert has a bioethanol fuel capacity of 0.5L and burn for 2 to 4 hours. This make the unit perfect for use on a table top outside on a patio replacing the traditional wood burning fire pit designs, without all the smoke and ash.

This rectangle shaped Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace is easy to operate, simply pour the bioethanol fuel into the burner and light it for a dramatic fire effect. Imagine yourself lounging in front of your comforting ethanol fireplace after a long day at work. Easy to operate with minimal maintenance required, this tabletop bioethanol fire design is portable, observing the obvious safety requirements, meaning you can have this inside on a table for extra heat in winter or outside in the garden as a fire pit alternative in summer.

What makes this bioethanol table top fire popular is that it is supplied with bioethanol burner ceramic matting making the product resistant to spillages and increasing the burn tiome. With cheaper bioethanol burner trays you will need to buy the ceramic wool matting separately and install it yourself.

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Rectangle Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace – Tech Specification

  • Burner includes ceramic wool matting.
  • Glass panels included for added safety.
  • Burner Capacity of 0.5L, burning time of 2-4 hours, 6800 BUTs to warm 215sqft.
  • Dimension: 13.98′ x 7.1” x 8”
  • Do not add the bioethanol fuel during the burning process.
  • Do not use the fire to heat or boil water or as a cooking appliance.
  • Do not put charcoal, paper, wood or other combustible objects into the fire.

Alternative Shaped Bioethanol Tabletop Fires

I have included below some alternative shaped bioethanol tabletop fires and outdoor bioethanol fire that you may be interested in however check the specification. If they are a lot cheaper it can be assumed that the specification will be less and most likely the burner will not be upgraded with the bioethanol firebox ceramic sponge wool as per the feature model above. This gives you an opportunity to compare prices for the same size of bioethanol burner inserts from different manufacturers.

Rectangle Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Product Card

Mnjin Rectangle Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace, Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit, Portable Fire Bowl Pot In Black, Realistic Burning

£230.74  in stock
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as of 22/10/2020 19:29


  • ● PORTABLE TABLE TOP FIREPLACE: It is light and easy to transport so you can move it anywhere. You could use this small personal fireplace to add warmth and ambience to your desk, a side table in your living room, or as a centerpiece for your main dining table.
  • ● SAFE REAL INCENDIO AND EASY TO CLEAN: This tabletop fireplace produces no smoke from the bio ethanol fuel it burns. It also doesn’t create any harmful fumes, or annoying odors. It is an odorless, smoke-less, and smut free open flamed fireplace. You will not be bothered with ashes, or soot, or any melted wax that needs to be cleaned once you use the device.
  • ● THICKNESS TEMPERED GLASS: It features tempered glass panels to protect you from injury if the item were to become broken. Tempered glass shatters into small pieces that reduce the risk of major lacerations if the glass panel is broken.You also can sit and relax watching the dancing flames,The flames are mesmerizing and will help you set aside the stress of the day.
  • ● THERMOSTABILITY ETHANOL FIREPLACE: High quality black powder-coated hermostability base, it can withstand as high as 410 ℉.
  • ● BURNER INNER FIBERGLASS WOOL WICK: The burner full of fiberglass wool wick, absorb as much alcohol as possible, keep the alcohol from evaporating quickly. High ignition point as a flame retardant, ensures long-lasting use.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Tabletop Firebox Burner Heater - Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Freestanding, Portable, Contemporary Modern Design, Tempered Glass Panes & Matte Black Steel Base - Rectangle

£30.99  in stock
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as of 22/10/2020 19:29


  • No need for electricity, coal, chimney or gas cans
  • Burns for approximately one hour once full with Bio Ethanol (Bio Ethanol not included)
  • Suitable for Indoor Use
  • Features tempered glass, sturdy steel base and protective feet
  • Comes with extinguish cover for added safety

PURLINE Tabletop Biofireplace Portable Bioethanol Fireplace for Indoors and Outdoors ONIROS Tabletop with Stainless Steel Burner

£59.00  in stock
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  • Did you ever think of having a fireplace in your house? Thanks to Purline this is very simple, all you need is this biofireplace and some of its liquid fuel of natural origin and you will quickly have a fire with real flames in your living room, bedroom, office... etc. When you light the ONIROS biochimney, which undoubtedly has an attractive design, a few minutes will pass before you begin to feel a pleasant sensation of warmth.
  • It's easy and inexpensive, for little money you'll get one of the most innovative and chic decorative instruments for your home, and also rich warmth for the coldest days of winter. All in one product that undoubtedly combines simplicity and sophistication, and that will become the center of admiration of your guests.
  • The ONIROS biochimena is a model of modern design and very practical, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is also easy to transport because it is very light. So you can enjoy a cozy home at any time of year. In winter you can place it in your living room to feel the warmth of the flames and in summer on your terrace or garden to recreate a unique and charming atmosphere.
  • The biochimney is installed. All you have to do is put the glass in place. It does not need works, nor exit of smokes. It produces real flames. Clean, no fumes or ashes and easy maintenance.
  • It does not need electricity, gas, or cans of gel for chimneys. All you have to do is pour the bioethanol fuel into the container and light the fire.the fuel for biochimneys only releases very small amounts of water vapor during combustion. Includes a fire extinguisher to adjust or extinguish the flames, bio-ethanol fuel is not included.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Tabletop Firebox Burner Heater - Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Freestanding, Portable, Contemporary Modern Glass Design - Rectangle

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as of 22/10/2020 19:29


  • Burns 2000 BTUs per hour burning for approximately one hour when full (Bio Ethanol not included)
  • Can be used indoors
  • Comes with free extinguish cover
  • Features sturdy steel base, protective feet and tempered glass sides
  • Portable and totally safe to use whenever you need

DKIEI Tabletop Fireplace Bio Ethanol Fireplace Indoor/Outdoor Portable Rectangle Freestanding Heater

£39.99  in stock
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  • The bio ethanol ventless fireplace fueled by bio ethanol (not included) which is smokeless, odorless.
  • Easy to install and use right out of the box. The tabletop fireplace is safe and econmic for home and office indoor use.
  • The modern rectangle design and a 360° view of the dancing flames behind clear heat resistant glass, make a romantic and really atmosphere.
  • The tabletop firebox can burn with beautiful flame approximately 70mins when full filled with 100 ml bio ethanol.
  • The outdoor benchtop ethanol fireplace fit to be proped it indoor or outdoor, on your dinner table, party table or your coffee table. The sturdiness built and solid base keep the rest of your house safe.
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