Remote Control Bioethanol Fire Burners and Fireplaces

A number of manufacturers based in both Europe and China have developed Remote Control Bioethanol Fire Burners and remote control bioethanol fireplaces. These tend to be long ribbon style burners with sizes available up to 2000mm (2m). What you should know from the start is that these tend to be at the high end of the price scale.

Remote Control Bioethanol Fire Burners Explained

The basic concept is the same as a normal bioethanol burner, there is fuel, this is lit and a flame appears. But there is a lot of actual technology behind how remote bioethanol burners work.

The fuel is stored in a tank under the burner and can store a lot more bioethanol fuel. These fires also normally include safety features and safety sensors that do not exist on a manual burner.

When the handset is used to start the remote fire an electronic pump carries the fuel from the storage tank injects the fuel into a long burner tube. There is an electronic spark system which then ignites the fuel and the flame appears. When the remote fire is shut down the pump stops and the flame goes out. From what I know there is no way to adjust flame height but no doubt someone will be working on introducing this in the future.

Remote Bioethanol Fireplace or Burner?

Some companies sell just the remote control bioethanol burner tray. This must then be used in a fireplace opening that is designed by either the manufacturer of the burner tray or as a complete system of burner and enclosure.

Some of the remote bioethanol burners on the market are sold as a standard products but there are other companies who will offer a full bespoke design service working with an architect and installer to provide a custom made, one off, fireplace.

Check out EasyFire, a UK fireplace manufacturer. Visit for details.

In some locations, if designed correctly, they can be used outdoors, but mainly these are large contemporary fires that are best suited to large rooms or commercial properties like a hotel lobby.

Buying a Remote Control Bioethanol Burners

Due to the complex design and high cost these are generally not sold online. I suggest doing a google search to see which companies are offering this style of fire.

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