Remote Control Bioethanol Fire Burners and Fireplaces

A number of bioethanol fireplace manufacturers, based in both Europe and China, have invested in the technology that is required to develop Remote Control Bioethanol Fire Burners. These fully automatic controlled bio fires are made by companies like Planika in Poland and DecoFlame in Denmark. These manufacturers have developed a range of quality bioethanol products which can be operated using a remote control system. These modern automatic bioethanol burners take the very basic concept of the burner to a new level with technology which includes safety features and unique flame control systems. Some of these remote control burners can also be integrated into a Smart Home system.

The current remote control bio ethanol fireplaces are mainly designed around long ribbon style burner inserts with flame width sizes available up to 2000mm (2m) long. These remote control ethanol burners are not designed to be cheap, there is a cost increase associated with the higher specification therefore expect to pay 10x or more for a remote burner when compared to a basic manual version.

Check out the Planika Bioethanol fireplace designs that includes the Planika PrimeFire remote burners and also the Planika PureFlame TV Box which has been developed to allow a TV to be mounted above the automatic fireplace.

Remote Control Bio Ethanol Fire Burners Explained

The basic concept of the automatic remote control bio burner is the same as a normal bioethanol burner, there is liquid fuel, this is lit and a flame appears, but there is a lot of actual technology behind how the remote bioethanol burners work.

The bioethanol fuel is stored in a tank under the automatic burner and they can store a lot more bioethanol fuel in the tank reducing the need to keep refilling. These automatic bio fires also normally include safety features and safety sensors that do not exist on a manual bio burner.

When the handset is used to start the remote fire an electronic pump carries the fuel from the storage tank injects the fuel into a long burner tube. There is an electronic spark system which then ignites the fuel and the flame appears. When the remote fire is shut down the pump stops and the flame goes out. From what I know, at the moment, there is no way to adjust the flame height but no doubt someone will be working on introducing this feature in the future.

Buy Remote Control Bioethanol Burners

There are only a small number of suppliers who make remote control bioethanol burners. As they involve complex electronics and safety features. Automatic bioethanol fireplaces are considerably more expensive than a standard mass produced manual style burners. See the examples of automatic bio ethanol fireplaces that we have selected below.

These automatic burners are available in sizes with a flame up to 2000mm wide. To find out more about the individual remote control bioethanol fireplaces click on the link and you will be taken to a page showing technical specification and buying options. Also check out the range of Planika PrimeFire remote control bioethanol burners.

Buy Automatic Controlled Bioethanol Burner or Complete Remote Fireplace?

These automatic remote burners can be used indoors, and in some locations, outside on a terrace or patio, mainly these are large contemporary fires that are best suited to large rooms or commercial properties like a hotel lobby. Some companies sell just the remote control bioethanol burner tray however this then presents a number of problems like how it will be installed safely and how it is presented in a final automatic controlled bioethanol fireplace design. The remote control burner must then be used in a fireplace opening that is designed by either the manufacturer of the burner tray or as a complete system of burner and enclosure that the supplier, or retailer, provides. Some of the automatic controlled remote bioethanol burners on the market are sold as a standard products but there are other companies who will offer a full bespoke design service working with an architect and installer to provide a custom made, one off, bespoke ethanol fireplace.

Quotation Request for Bespoke Remote Control Bioethanol Fire

If you have a new development project that requires a custom made fireplace or a complete fireplace package with a automatic controlled burner and enclosure then I can help. Due to the complex design and high cost involved in custom made fireplaces these are not sold online and are made to order. I have many years experience in the fireplace industry and I owned a very successful UK fireplace brand that included designing, manufacturing and retailing these products. If you require a bespoke or custom made fire fill in our quotation request form with details of your requirements. I will pass on your details to my contacts and they will contact you to discuss your requirements in detail and to generate a quotation. I can only do this with your consent therefore you need to fill in the bespoke fireplace quotation form will all your contact details and information on your project.

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