How to Make Bioethanol Fuel Last Longer

ceramic wool sponge bioethanol fire firplace firebox safety

How to Make Bioethanol Fuel Last Longer is a question that is often asked. This is possibly due to the cost of bioethanol fuel bottles. Another question may be how to make bioethanol fires of ethanol burners more efficient. Improving efficiency of a bioethanol burner involves avoiding waste both of the fuel and the heat

Farmlight Bioethanol Fuel Bottles

Farmlight Bioethanol Fuel Bottles

Farmlight Bioethanol Fuel Bottles contain high-quality natural bio fuel with an ethanol content of 96%. This sustainable heating source can be used both indoors and outdoors in suitable bioethanol burners, gel fires and bioethanol fireplaces. The Farmlight bioethanol and Farmlight fire gel products are sold and shipped from Germany with free delivery offered to most UK

Biola Bio Ethanol Fuel Bottles for Bio Fires

Biola Bioethanol Fuel Bottles

Bioethanol Fuel is a biologically clean, eco friendly fuel based on alcohol which has undergone double rectification process. Ethanol is obtained through fermentation of plants, making it a sustainable heat source. Biola is saccharine from seasonal produce. A popular brand of bioethanol fuel is Biola and it has good reviews online. Biola Bioethanol Fuel is

Bio Ethanol Fuel Explained – Bio Gel Fuel Fires

Bio Ethanol Fuel and Gel Fuel, The Differences

This page has been created to give some basic insight into bioethanol fuel and gel fuel. Despite these two types of fuel being presented differently they are both essentially the same, a sustainable, eco-friendly, green energy source. Read the extra guide if you want to read more about the differences between bioethanol fuel and gel

Buy Bioethanol Fuel Bottles for Ethanol Fireplace Designs

Buy Bioethanol Fuel for Ethanol Fireplaces

Once you have purchased your bioethanol fuel burner or fireplace you will need to buy some bioethanol fuel bottles to be able to use it. Online, liquid bioethanol fuel is supplied in many different package styles and quantities. The normal rule applies that the more you buy the cheaper it will be, per litre, to

Guide to Ceramic Wool Sponge Use in a Bioethanol Burner

Ceramic sponge wool for use in bioethanol Burners and Bioethanol fireplaces

Buying ceramic wool sponge for your bio ethanol burner tray can increase safety and reduce bio ethanol fuel usage. Today, most high specification bio ethanol burner trays already include the ceramic wool sponge. When your bio ethanol burner is off and cooled down you can identify whether your bioethanol burner has the ceramic wool sponge

Buy Gel Burner Fuel Fires Online – Sustainable Heating Solutions

Blomus FUOCO Gel Fire Burner Firepit Bowl ø 32 cm, Dark Grey

Buying a gel burner fire can be an easy way to add secondary heat to a room, or add some extra atmosphere. Gel burner fires come in many design styles however the most popular gel fires are tabletop gel fire models. These are smaller burners that use gel fuel bottles or gel fuel cans as

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Fuel Explained

Premium bioethanol fuel bottles

Bioethanol fuel, or bio gel fuel, is a form of renewable energy as it is made from natural ingredients. Bio-ethanol fireplace fuel is actually called ethyl alcohol, the same type of alcohol that is found in beer, wine and spirits, basically all alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is highly flammable therefore bio ethanol fireplace safety and gel