Does Bio Ethanol Fuel Evaporate – Bio Fires Explained

Bio- Ethanol and Fire Gel Fireplace Model Celin Deluxe

Does Bio Ethanol Fuel Evaporate? Bioethanol fuel fuel or bio gel fuel is denatured alcohol. A flammable liquid created from fermented vegetable waste and similar substances. As such, it is a sustainable energy source with the flame providing heat and light. The bioethanol fuel has an alcohol content of approximately 96%. When the fuel is

How Long Does 1 Litre of Bioethanol Fuel Last

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A question which regularly appears on the contact form is How Long Does 1 Litre of Bioethanol Fuel Last? Unfortunately there is not a one one fits all answer. I may be correct to assume the reason for asking this question is to reduce the running costs. To get an understanding of how the question

How Much Heat Does a Bioethanol Fire Produce

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How Much Heat Does a Bioethanol Fire Produce is a question that is often asked via the contact form. All bioethanol fireplace, or gel fire burners, produce heat. There is a live flame and the obvious result of the flame is heat. How to quantify the amount of heat is the difficult part. Most high

How to Make Bioethanol Fuel Last Longer

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How to Make Bioethanol Fuel Last Longer is a question that is often asked. This is possibly due to the cost of bioethanol fuel bottles. Another question may be how to make bioethanol fires of ethanol burners more efficient. Improving efficiency of a bioethanol burner involves avoiding waste both of the fuel and the heat

Fireplace Energy Efficiency Explained

Fireplace Energy Efficiency Explained

With sustainability and energy saving being a hot topic at the moment I thought it would be worthwhile explaining a little about fireplace efficiency, how the different design styles of fireplace also have different energy efficiency ratings. This energy efficiency rating has implications on the overall cost of heating. However the total heating cost analysis

Guide to Ceramic Wool Sponge Use in a Bioethanol Burner

Ceramic sponge wool for use in bioethanol Burners and Bioethanol fireplaces

Buying ceramic wool sponge for your bio ethanol burner tray can increase safety and reduce bio ethanol fuel usage. Today, most high specification bio ethanol burner trays already include the ceramic wool sponge. When your bio ethanol burner is off and cooled down you can identify whether your bioethanol burner has the ceramic wool sponge