Flueless Bioethanol Fireplaces, No Chimney Required

Flueless Bioethanol Fireplaces - Corn120L Bioethanol Fireplace 1200 x 450

So you are considering buying a flueless fire for your home? This could be because your home has no chimney or the chimney that is already there needs repair or blocking up. Either way, Flueless Bioethanol Fireplaces are a great solution. First lets define what the word flueless means. A flue can be defined as

Bio Ethanol Flueless Fire Designs – No Chimney Fireplace

If you have a home that has been built with no chimney, or flue system, then you will most likely be told your fireplace options are limited, possibly being guided to an electric fire. There is another solution, a bio ethanol flueless, no chimney, fire design. Bioethanol flueless fires use a sustainable, eco-friendly, bio fuel