Fireplace Energy Efficiency Explained

Fireplace Energy Efficiency Explained

With sustainability and energy saving being a hot topic at the moment I thought it would be worthwhile explaining a little about fireplace efficiency, how the different design styles of fireplace also have different energy efficiency ratings. This energy efficiency rating has implications on the overall cost of heating. However the total heating cost analysis

Convert a Wood Burning Stove to Bio Ethanol Fuel

Bergamo Simplico - Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Stove Design

If you have an old wood burning stove and are fed up of the mess, smoke and ash or maybe there is a problem with the flue system then maybe converting a Wood Burning Stove to Bio Ethanol Fuel could be the answer. There are a number of environmental issues to consider when using a

Bio Ethanol Fuel Explained – Bio Gel Fuel Fires

Bio Ethanol Fuel and Gel Fuel, The Differences

This page has been created to give some basic insight into bioethanol fuel and gel fuel. Despite these two types of fuel being presented differently they are both essentially the same, a sustainable, eco-friendly, green energy source. Read the extra guide if you want to read more about the differences between bioethanol fuel and gel

Are Gel Burner Fires Safe? Bio Gel Fire Safety

Blomus FUOCO Gel Fire Burner Firepit Bowl ø 32 cm, Dark Grey

Bio gel fuel fires and gel fuel burners are a relatively cheap to buy, easy to use and a quick way to introduce a decorative flame to a property. These tend to be small decorative fires that are fuelled by either gel fuel cans or gel fuel bottles. Most gel fuel burners are small bowl

Bio Ethanol Fire Safety : Are Bioethanol Fireplaces Safe?

Wall Mounted Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Bio-ethanol fireplaces, and gel burners, are a relatively cheap to buy, easy to use and a quick way to introduce a secondary heat source in to a property.  They are also great for use outdoors in a garden on a table top or on a patio or terrace. Like with all heating products that involve

Gel Burners and Chafing Gel Fuel Cans – Buying Guide

BLOMUS - Outdoor Gel Fires - 7" Fuoco Tabletop Gel Fire Pit

There is a difference between Gel Burners and Gel Fuel Cans, here we shed some light on the subject. The image above shows a typical gel fire that is relatively cheap to buy, easy to use and portable. This table top gel burner is in the style of a ceramic bowl that a gel fuel

Guide to Bioethanol Fireplace Running Costs

Ignis Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert by Ignis Products

Bellow we explain how to calculate bioethanol fireplace running costs. The company selling the fireplace should be able to quote a tray capacity, the heat output and the running time eg when the fuel will run out. With that information you can calculate the bioethanol fireplace running costs. Bioethanol Fireplace Running Costs These fires do give