Höfats Spin Outdoor Patio Heater Bio Ethanol Fireplace Torch

Höfats Spin - Outdoor Patio Heater, Table Fire, Lantern Torch, Bio Fireplace

Outdoor living is becoming more popular, whether it is for a home or a commercial property, like a public house or restaurant there are now new modern solutions for outside heating on a terrace, patio or on a table top with different design options available. In the past the only options for outdoor heating were

Portable Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Designs

Portable Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Designs

There are a number of bio ethanol fuel fireplace manufacturers who have created designs that are small enough to be portable. In order to be portable the fire needs to be small with a weight that allows it to be picked up and carried. Check the manufacturer specification sheet to see what weight the product

Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bio Ethanol Fireplace or Gel Burner

Conmoto Ethanol Fire Pit Roll Fire

With summers becoming longer and drier there has been an increase in the development and use of outdoor living spaces with people using their garden, patio or terrace to enjoy on a hot summers day and on a warm evening. Adding a gel burner fire or an outdoor bio ethanol fire to your garden, patio

Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplace – Bioethanol Garden Fires

Woody bioethanol table fireplace - no chimney required.

An outdoor bioethanol fireplace or bioethanol garden fires can add a nice feature to an outside living area like a patio or garden terrace. A bio ethanol patio heater is a modern choice to replace either a wood burning or LPG gas bottle patio heater that have been popular in the past. Unlike a wood

Bio Ethanol Fuel and Gel Fuel, The Differences

Kaminbau Mierzwa - Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

There are a number of differences that you need to consider when you decide to buy bioethanol fuel or buy gel fuel and these need to be considered alongside what type of bioethanol burner tray or gel burner you have purchased. The initial step is to decide on what type of fireplace you are looking