Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Technical Pages

We have written a number of bioethanol fireplace technical pages to give some general advice and insight into buying, installing and using bio-ethanol fireplaces. Bio ethanol fireplace designs, and gel fuel burners are a great way to add secondary heat to a room or to add light and some heat to an outdoor living space. There are many different styles of bio fuel fire and many different bio ethanol fireplace brands, retailers and manufacturers. On this website we do not favour one brand or another we just supply information to help you choose the most suitable product.

From cheap table top gel fuel burners to fully automatic remote control bio fuel burners. You will find them all on this website by using the links on the pages and the main menu. The pages below have been written to give you some additional knowledge from the start and we hope they will help save you time, and money, when choosing your new bio ethanol fireplace product.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace and Gel Burner Technical Pages

The greatest majority of bio-ethanol fireplaces sold in Europe are manufactured in China. I have visited quite a lot of the factories in China that are manufacturing and supplying the bio-ethanol fires to retailers around the World. Construction methods and quality controls can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Areas to consider are the handling and storage of the bio-ethanol fuel, filling the bio-ethanol burner tray, bioethanol fire ventilation requirements, lighting and shutting off the bio-ethanol fire, installing the fireplace in your property, adding accessories like pebbles, the choice of finishes and the effects of heat generated.

There are many different styles and types of bio-ethanol fireplaces on the market some for indoors, others can only be used outside. We hope that the guides we have written below will give you some additional help in choosing and installing a bio-ethanol fireplace in your home. Of course, the first step in installing the fireplace is to read and follow the manufacturers instructions which will be supplied with the fireplace. If there are no instructions contact the manufacture before starting to install or use the fire.

See above the technical pages and product guides that we have written to give you information on the world of bio ethanol fuel fireplace and gel burner fire product safety, use operation and installation. These are not designed to replace the information that is supplied with the fireplace from the manufacturer. Always read the bio ethanol or gel fuel fireplace installation instructions before installing or using a gel fire.

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Below are a selection of bio ethanol fuel fireplace and gel burner products to consider buying. Use the link to be taken to the product page where you can review the supplier description and place your order.

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We are adding new bio ethanol fuel and gel fuel products at regular intervals, showing the latest designs and popular models. The latest products are shown below.

Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplace and Gel Burner Information

Our website has been designed to help you save on bio ethanol fuel and gel fuel burners. We display prices from various suppliers and allow you to save on bio ethanol fuel and fireplace products. The has all the posts that have been created to give technical help, answer frequently asked questions, explain how the technology works, discuss the bioethanol fireplace operation, highlight safety considerations and to discuss installation issues. We hope these will be helpful. Visit the bio-fire online store to search for products and look for the best deals.


The web site has been created to pass on some of the knowledge that has been gained by someone who been a gas fire and bio-ethanol fireplace designer and has run a successful UK fireplace business supplying fireplaces to customers around the World. The web site has been designed to automatically select the latest bioethanol fireplaces and gel fire prices from different suppliers via online sites.

If the web site gives you some help in choosing a bio-ethanol fireplace for your home we hope that you will check out one of our sponsor adverts or use one of the many product links to buy a fireplace.

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