Two Sided Bioethanol Fireplace Designs

There are a limited number of two sided bio ethanol fireplace designs available to buy “off the shelf”. The ones that are available are shown below.

About Two Sided Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

The clue is in the name, with a Two Sided Bioethanol Fireplace Design you are able to view the bioethanol burner insert from two different sides of either a dividing wall or a column within a room.

A Selection of Two Sided Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

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Installing a Two Sided Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Two Sided Bio Ethanol Fireplace - 2-Sided Bio Fire
Two Sided Bio Ethanol Fireplace – 2-Sided Bio Fire

As can be seen from the image, these two sided bioethanol fires are supplied as a unit that would have a false wall type construction built around. The choice of materials etc for this is very important as they should comply to the existing building regulations for fire retardancy and clearance to combustible materials. Depending on the current situation on site it may be also possible to build in the unit across two rooms.

The example in the image shows the outer metal casing, or enclosure and the bioethanol burner unit in situ. This unit also has glass screens. This is an important consideration on a 2-sided fireplace as air can blow from side to side affecting the flame. A disturbed flame may be a fire risk but will also mean the fuel burns faster. In some two sided ethanol fires one side is completely glass with access from the other side. This eliminates the air movement issue but can also be a way to isolate how the heat is transmitted.

Bespoke and Custom Designs.

There are limited, off the shelf, two sided bio ethanol fires that can be bought online. Most are custom made. A two sided bioethanol fireplace can be a great addition to a contemporary room setting. Personally, I have designed many two sided bioethanol and gas fireplaces which have been installed in both domestic and commercial properties around the world. Today, I only work on major projects. If you have a requirement for a one off fireplace contact me with your plans.

Easy Fire in the UK do also have some standard two sided bioethanol designs that are available, but these are not sold online, visit for full details of the models and how you can buy, and say you heard it here!

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