Wall mounted bio-ethanol fires are popular as they are relatively easy to install and use. The products available on the market cover a wide range of design styles (we have shown examples below) from small vertical bio ethanol fires with a small torch style flame to widescreen bio ethanol fireplaces with multiple burners and a long ribbon of flame.

Wall Mounted Bio-Ethanol Fires

The installation typically requires the bio ethanol fire to be mounted directly on to the wall using the screws etc supplied by the manufacturer, the installation instructions will guide you through the installation process. Read our guide to Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplaces.

Below we have selected a number of wall mounted bio ethanol fireplaces for you to consider. Click on the Buy Now button to be taken to a page where you can read the full technical specification, check the delivery costs and p[lace your order.

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More types of Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

Listed below are pages displaying specific types of Bio Ethanol Fireplace,

Technical Pages

We have created a number of pages with Technical Information and to answer the numerous questions. Click here to visit our bio ethanol fireplaces explained pages.

Choosing the Right Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

When choosing a bioethanol fireplace for your home it is best to draw up a list of the criteria that you want to achieve once the fireplace is installed, typical criteria are :

  • Brand : As with all things the cheaper something is the less technology and cost that has been invested in the manufacture. This may mean that a cheap product does not last long. Buying a well known brand with a good online reputation, review what people have said about them online, will possibly save money in the long run. A lot of bio-ethanol fireplaces are now made in vast quantities in China.
  • Heat Output : The bigger the slot in the bio-ethanol burner the larger the flame and heat that will be given off – a typical bio ethanol burner tray that has a 300mm wide by 20mm deep slot will give off around 2Kw to 3Kw which is similar to adding a small radiator in to the room. Choosing a much wider burner will increase this heat output for instance a 1m wide burner could give out anything up to 10Kw which may be too much heat for the room. The manufacturer should be able to quote a heat output figure when you inquire.
  • Design Style : There are many styles some to choose from small to large. Have a clear idea of the style you want eg freestanding models can be portable and used in different places in the home. Fixed, built-in or wall mounted fires are part of a room design or style and may have a clean letterbox style or have a metal fascia. Some smaller models have a backing plate and glass screen giving a contemporary style while others have a fascia which can be in various finishes.
  • Fuel : Bio-ethanol Fuel is different to Gel Fuel. It is my personal opinion that gel fuel should only be used outside due to the emissions it gives off when burning out. Read our guide to bioethanol fuel.
  • Accessories : Some models are offered with a glass screen which gives some level of protection from the flame. You can also choose models with stones and pebbles as decoration however if choosing this option the decoration must be used as instructed by the manufacturer. For more information read our guide to adding pebbles to a bio ethanol fire.
  • Safety : There are safety considerations like storage of the bioethanol fuel, protection from the flame and handling of the fuel to consider if you have never used this style of fireplace before. Always read the manufacturers instructions supplied with the fireplace before using the fire.
  • Ventilation : When the bio-ethanol fuel is burned there is moisture given off, the bigger the burner and flame the more moisture. This will crate condensation on walls and windows unless proper ventilation is used. This can be in the form of a fixed free air vent or simply opening a window. Read our a Guide to Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Ventilation.